27 July 2017
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I give thanks to You, O Lord my God, with my whole heart, and I will glorify Your name forever. — Psalm 86:12

The God of Mercy and Grace

Carol Kaminski 

From Christian Union


Discover why believers can approach the throne of God with confidence. At Nexus 2017, Dr. Kaminski addressed undergraduates and professionals with a plenary message that amplified the conference theme, drawn from Hebrews 4:16: "Let us then with confidence draw near to the throne of grace, that we may receive mercy and find grace to help in time of need."

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Mark Dever on Discipling

By Mark Dever  
From The Gospel Coalition

If you know anything about Mark Dever, you know he makes disciples of Jesus Christ. The senior pastor of Capitol Hill Baptist Church in Washington, D.C., Dever has trained up and sent out dozens of pastors and other church leaders around the world.

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Moving from Pro-Life to Pro Abundant Life

By Roland Warren
From Care Net


Roland C. Warren is President and CEO of Care Net, as well as a member of the Christian Union board of trustees. Recently he blogged that "the number of abortions per year in the United States has remained at about 1 million annually and is not declining as rapidly as we would hope. A primary reason..."

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Unlock the Riches of Scripture

By John Piper 
From Desiring God

John Piper shares how he discovers meaning in the Bible. "Whenever we read, we want to know what an author intended us to see and experience. This conviction has huge implications for why and how... "

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On the Road with Augustine

By James K.A. Smith 
From Spark


When my students read Augustine’s Confessions, they’re amazed how an African bishop writing in A.D. 400 seems to understand their own anxieties and hopes, their idolatries and dreams. The self-examination that Augustine undertakes is like a message in a bottle that...

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Prayer Requests

Please pray for the upcoming Christian Union Faculty & Staff Conference, to be held in Maryland in early August. Pray that each person attending would be spiritually refreshed, that God would move powerfully, and that He would be glorified during this annual gathering.

Please pray for new Christian Union employees and interns. Also, pray for wisdom and guidance as we fill the last open positions before fall.


We know that culture changes through networks and institutions over long periods of time. Christian Union New York is developing networks in finance, technology, and media to solidify a faithful presence in those spheres. Please pray for men and women to populate and lead these networks.


Pray for the fire of God’s Spirit to consume the heart of every Christian in America and to awaken the lost to Jesus Christ. If you would like to join thousands of Christians in prayer for spiritual transformation. Sign up here >


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Christian Union develops Christian leaders to transform culture for God's glory. We serve and resource student organizations at some of the most strategic university campuses in America, and work in key cities to build networks of Christian leaders.
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By God's Grace, Christian Union develops Christian leaders to transform culture. We resource student organizations at nine of the most strategic university campuses in America, and work in key cities to build networks of Christian leaders.

240 Nassau Street Princeton, NJ 08542
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