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Harvard News

31 October 2016

541 College Freshmen Enroll in Christian Union Bible Courses

CU-Freshmen-Numbers-TodayThe first few weeks of freshman year are a pivotal time. Students are open to new activities and forming social groups that often set them up for their collegiate years. At the start of each school year, Christian Union’s ministry faculty and upperclassmen involved in the ministry warmly welcome and energetically engage freshmen, with welcoming campaigns among students who study at Brown, Columbia, Cornell, Dartmouth, Harvard, Harvard Law, Princeton, Stanford, University of Pennsylvania, and Yale. During the campaign, the ministry team and upperclassmen eagerly present the opportunity for new students to join them for in-depth study of Scripture, Christian leadership training, fellowship, and support.

04 October 2016

Religious Liberty and Justice for All?

Van Oss Writes about Wheaton Case for Harvard Law Review

By Catherine Elvy, Staff Writer 

trenton-van-ossReligious liberties are woven into the fabric of the United States.

With deep admiration for that principle, a Harvard Law School student addressed concerns over the status of such freedoms when he penned an article for the Harvard Law Review exploring some of the key issues in the recent Wheaton College v. Burwell case.

Given his concerns for government interference in the operations of faith-based entities, Trenton Van Oss took on the complex topic for an article that appeared in January.

The Wheaton alumnus of 2013 is an active participant in Christian Union's ministry at Harvard Law School.


08 June 2016

The Faith of Freshmen

Faith-of-freshmen-cu-todayThe environment at the nation’s leading universities is often academically intense, sometimes highly competitive, and highly secular. Prospective students and families considering the pros and cons of attending one of the nation’s top ranked schools are right to wonder if it will be difficult for freshmen who are Christian to stay strong in their faith. However, despite the real challenges they face, Christian students reflecting on their experiences report a wealth of opportunities to grow in their faith.

02 June 2016

Guilty by Association: The Disturbing Implications of Harvard’s Blacklist

cu-today-disturbing-implications-harvard-blacklist-cuOn May 6, 2016, Harvard University announced “members of independent, single-sex, off-campus organizations will be blacklisted from Rhodes and Marshall scholarships and banned from leadership of on-campus organizations or athletic teams.”

20 May 2016

You Are What You Love

The Spiritual Power of Habit

by Dr. James K.A. Smith

Dr. James K.A. Smith, Professor of Philosophy at Calvin College, was a plenary speaker at Nexus 2016, the Christian Union Conference on Faith and Action, in New Haven, Connecticut. He addressed the human tendency to be shaped by what we love and long for even more than just what we believe or think.

29 April 2016

Faith and Vocation

Nexus Conference Networks, Inspires Students and Professionals

By Eileen Scott, Senior Writer

CU_Nexus_2016_145Nexus: The Christian Union Conference on Faith and Action explored the convergence of culture, career, and Christianity for 317 students from some of the nation's most influential universities.

The Omni Hotel in New Haven, Connecticut, just a couple blocks from Yale University, was home to a weekend of vibrant worship, continuous and intercessory prayer and engaging messages from powerful plenary speakers on April 1-3. Students from Brown, Columbia, Cornell, Dartmouth, Harvard, Penn, Princeton, and Yale attended the conference, which offered insight, inspiration, networking, and practical advice on discerning God's purpose for life, campus, and career.

17 February 2016

Nexus 2016: The Christian Union Congress on Faith and Action

A Conference for Undergraduate Students

Equipping students to change culture through inspiring speakers, vocational panels, in-depth seminars, and dynamic worship.

April 1-3, 2016

Omni New Haven Hotel
New Haven, Connecticut

Students from Brown, Columbia, Cornell, Dartmouth, Harvard, Penn, Princeton, and Yale are invited to attend a life-changing weekend of dynamic worship and world-class speakers.

Learn more ...

08 October 2015

Leaders Matter

How a Handful of Schools are Shaping American Society

Leaders matter. For better or for worse – they determine what we represent as a society, who we are as a people, and where we are going as a nation.

A relatively small number of leaders from just a handful of leading universities are shaping American culture. The universities they attend are almost devoid of Christian influence. Professors are free to mold students according to their secular and materialist ideologies.

Learn more...

21 February 2015

Defending the Right to Worship

Scholar Exhorts Attendees at Harvard Catholic Center Event

Religious-Freedom_Mag5_articleExercising the constitutional right to "authentic worship" at Harvard was heralded this fall with a lecture from noted scholar Father Peter Stravinskas.

The Harvard Catholic Center sponsored the event, entitled "Give Me Freedom (Religious) or Give Me Death."

Stravinskas, editor of The Catholic Answer magazine and books such as The Catholic Response and The Catholic Church and the Bible, exhorted attendees to refute the bifurcation of religious freedom by a secular culture.

Stravinskas spoke about how society is seeking to replace authentic Christian worship and expression with a more politically correct and passive version of religion.

The right to assemble is tolerated, but the freedom to live out your faith with actionable belief and works is disallowed.

Tags:  Culture | Harvard

30 January 2015

Pray for Harvard

March 2017

Dear Friends and Family of HCFA,

Thank you for your continued partnership in prayer for this ministry. As a staff team it is a huge encouragement to know that you all are invested in this ministry and lifting us up in prayer consistently.

Students are just returning from spring break this week. At this mid-point of the semester students are certainly beginning to feel weary of work and a bit daunted by the amount of work remaining for the semester. We hear so often in discipleship meetings how so much self-worth and identity is bound up in work. Whether students recognize the depth of this or not, they are often seeking to prove their value through grades and performance, and pursue control through anxiety-ridden effort. Please pray that students would know deeply their adoption as children of God. That they are beloved, they are justified by Jesus’ perfect performance and made righteous by his excellence. Pray that their identity would flow from this assurance of His goodness and their worth, and that they wouldn’t fall into worshipping idols that create false identity.

Something exciting that we have begun this semester is a partnership with a Christian counseling center in Central Square. Every semester we see many students who need and desire to receive regular Christian counseling. As a staff team, only one of five of us have any counseling training and we consistently feel ill-equipped and unable to provide what our students so deeply need. The other major hurdle is for students to be able to afford counseling services from Christians, who often work in a more expensive, private practice setting. We have been able to partner with a Christian counseling center that gives us a significantly discounted rate. Furthermore, our alumni have generously donated enough money to fund several students to be able to get counseling. This has been an enormous blessing for students and staff! We are excited to see how this semester goes in this new endeavor and hope to make this partnership something that continues on for future students. Join us in praying for our students who are receiving counseling that they would grow in their knowledge and love for God and grow in their knowledge of their hearts and how God is at work in them.

Please be in prayer for our upcoming NEXUS conference. As of now about 35 students have signed up. Pray that more students would desire to set aside this weekend to grow in community and hear from the many wonderful speakers that will be available to them.

Finally, please pray for our staff team as we continue to have lots of one-on-one meetings with students, prepare bible courses and teach. We so enjoy the work that we have been called to. Pray that we would be present in each day to see how the Lord is at work, that our love for Jesus would grow more and more and that we would serve these students out of the abundance of our hearts.

In Christ,

Anne Kerhoulas
Christian Union Ministry Fellow
Harvard College

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Please note: if you would like to receive regular updates on how to pray for Christian Union's work at Harvard, please email prayer@christianunion.org.

Tags:  Harvard | Prayer

29 May 2014

A Christian at Harvard

Cherish Connelly '14 Reflects on Her Growth 

Cherish-Connelly1_CuTodayI'm majoring in psychology with a secondary degree in neurobiology. As a science concentrator, I'm often asked, "How can you believe in God?" I've been involved with Christian Union for four years and in that time I've developed the knowledge needed to answer that question tactfully, respectfully, and in a way that presents the Gospel.

Observing neurons in a microscope is an amazing sight; I love seeing how billions of tiny neurons control behavior, emotions, even senses. To me, it gives evidence of God. These tiny cells in our brain control everything the body does. I would argue, only God could design that efficiency.

05 May 2014

God’s Not Dead Character Inspired By Harvard-Educated Convert

Born in China and Educated at Harvard, Dr. Ming Wang Left his Atheism Behind

Dr. Ming Wang immigrated to the United States in 1982 with just $50 and a Chinese-English dictionary. Yet he managed to not only enroll in Harvard business school, but to graduate with honors and become one of the very first surgeons to ever perform laser cataract operations.  

During his first years at Harvard, Wang ascribed to staunchly atheist ideals. A close friendship with one professor, however, gave him cause to question his belief system and his entire worldview.  


24 April 2014

The 2014 Ivy League Congress on Faith & Action

Dynamic Speakers and Spirit-Filled Worship

Audio and Video >>

The Ivy League Congress on Faith and Action 2014 (ILCFA) drew 390 students from Brown, Columbia, Cornell, Dartmouth, Harvard, Princeton, the University of Pennsylvania, and Yale. Students unloaded by the car and bus loads to learn, be challenged, seek God's calling, and worship their hearts out. By all these measures, the weekend was not only a "success" but a tremendous blessing for the participants.

Plenary, inspirational, vocational sessions and seminars were impactful, addressing a range of faith and vocational topics. Speakers were characterized by their inspiring dedication to follow Christ in their respective fields.

05 March 2014

Intensive Preparation for Harvard & Beyond

At Christian Union's Worldview Sessions, Stephen Mackereth '15 Develops Critical Skills to Advance Christian Perspective

Stephen Mackereth, Harvard '15, was one of the 23 students from some of nation's leading universities who attended the Christian Worldview Summer Sessions at the Hopewell House in upstate New York.

Hosted by Christian Union, the Worldview Sessions intertwined biblical perspectives, philosophical and scholarly inquiry, and camaraderie. Jesse Peterson, a Christian Union ministry fellow at Columbia University, directed the course, which sought to help students understand Christianity at a deeper level through intellectual engagement and fostering community.

11 December 2013

Leaders Matter

The Secularity & Influence of Select Universities 

Learn why Christian Union Universities begins with a focus on some of the most influential universities in America. 

26 November 2013

Serving to Lead

Jeffrey Edwards Employs a Kingdom-Minded Approach in Everything He Does 

JeffreyEdwardsFor Jeffrey Edwards '15, Harvard is more than a place to learn, it's a place to lead. And with the training he's received through Harvard College Faith in Action (HCFA), a Christian leadership development organization resourced by Christian Union, the neurobiology major is learning to influence the campus and the local community with a servant's heart and humility.

12 November 2013

Leadershift 2013 in Lone Star State

In Dallas, Ministry Honors Bob Buford and Stirs Support for a Generation of Culture Changers

View all event photos in our Facebook album > 

On Monday, November 11, 2013, the Belo Mansion in Dallas played host to Christian Union's final 2013 benefit event. 

Christian Union was pleased to honor Bob Buford as the Texas Christian Leader of the Year. Bob, a tireless Christian leader, and author of Halftime, shared his hard-won insights with the packed audience.

It was an inspiring evening designed to give praise and honor to the God who is worthy—and to encourage the guests in attendance by sharing about what He is doing in the lives' of future leaders through Christian Union.

Princeton alumni Cristina Martinez '12 and Jack Squiers '12, emceed the event.

25 October 2013

A Deeper Level

Worldview Sessions Draw Students from Columbia, Harvard, Princeton, and Yale

In May and August, students from some of the nation's leading universities attended the Christian Worldview Summer Sessions at the Hopewell House conference center in Upstate New York.

Hosted by Christian Union, the Worldview Sessions intertwine biblical perspectives, philosophical and scholarly inquiry, and camaraderie. Overall, 23 students attended the colloquium.

"The aim is twofold: intellectual engagement and fostering community," said Jesse Peterson, the conference's key organizer and a Christian Union ministry fellow at Columbia University.

18 October 2013

Debating the Goodness of God

Leadership Development Ministry Co-Hosts Event with Harvard Humanists, Atheists, and Agnostics

Students of various faith backgrounds (and no faith backgrounds) gathered in Harvard's Science Center's Auditorium B on the first Sunday after the start of classes for a debate on the topic, "Can the Christian God Be Good in Light of the Suffering in the World?"

For the second consecutive year, Harvard College Faith and Action (HCFA) and Harvard Community Humanists, Atheists, and Agnostics (HCHAA) co-hosted a debate. HCFA is a leadership development ministry supported and resourced by Christian Union.

11 October 2013

Fishers of Freshmen

Ministries Reach Out with a Sense of Urgency

Timing is everything; especially when it comes to freshmen.

The first few days on campus are filled with opportunities for the new students to make choices about relationships and social circles that will impact their college years, and beyond.

That's why ministry leaders throughout the Ivy League are working tirelessly to reach out to freshmen and help them make intentional choices about being part of a Christian community.

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