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Pray for Harvard

March 2017

Dear Friends and Family of HCFA,

Thank you for your continued partnership in prayer for this ministry. As a staff team it is a huge encouragement to know that you all are invested in this ministry and lifting us up in prayer consistently.

Students are just returning from spring break this week. At this mid-point of the semester students are certainly beginning to feel weary of work and a bit daunted by the amount of work remaining for the semester. We hear so often in discipleship meetings how so much self-worth and identity is bound up in work. Whether students recognize the depth of this or not, they are often seeking to prove their value through grades and performance, and pursue control through anxiety-ridden effort. Please pray that students would know deeply their adoption as children of God. That they are beloved, they are justified by Jesus’ perfect performance and made righteous by his excellence. Pray that their identity would flow from this assurance of His goodness and their worth, and that they wouldn’t fall into worshipping idols that create false identity.

Something exciting that we have begun this semester is a partnership with a Christian counseling center in Central Square. Every semester we see many students who need and desire to receive regular Christian counseling. As a staff team, only one of five of us have any counseling training and we consistently feel ill-equipped and unable to provide what our students so deeply need. The other major hurdle is for students to be able to afford counseling services from Christians, who often work in a more expensive, private practice setting. We have been able to partner with a Christian counseling center that gives us a significantly discounted rate. Furthermore, our alumni have generously donated enough money to fund several students to be able to get counseling. This has been an enormous blessing for students and staff! We are excited to see how this semester goes in this new endeavor and hope to make this partnership something that continues on for future students. Join us in praying for our students who are receiving counseling that they would grow in their knowledge and love for God and grow in their knowledge of their hearts and how God is at work in them.

Please be in prayer for our upcoming NEXUS conference. As of now about 35 students have signed up. Pray that more students would desire to set aside this weekend to grow in community and hear from the many wonderful speakers that will be available to them.

Finally, please pray for our staff team as we continue to have lots of one-on-one meetings with students, prepare bible courses and teach. We so enjoy the work that we have been called to. Pray that we would be present in each day to see how the Lord is at work, that our love for Jesus would grow more and more and that we would serve these students out of the abundance of our hearts.

In Christ,

Anne Kerhoulas
Christian Union Ministry Fellow
Harvard College

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Please note: if you would like to receive regular updates on how to pray for Christian Union's work at Harvard, please email prayer@christianunion.org.

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