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After being healed at a Christian Union conference by the power of Jesus of a physical injury needing surgery, Dr. Matthew Suh became convinced of God’s power and readiness to still heal today. Now practicing healing prayer alongside evangelism in public spaces, Dr. Suh challenged us to consider whether evangelism coupled with supernatural healing may be the spark plugs that we need to corporately pursue revival in our nation today - whether at our schools, our workplaces or out in the public square.  

We have been praying for a revival in America for some time. Despite this effort, America is entering darker times than ever before - as societal values deviate further from Biblical standards, governmental policies increasingly oppose God’s laws, and persecution against Christians increases. What is missing? What more must we do? Biblical examples show us that the preaching of the Gospel of the Kingdom of God cannot occur without demonstration of the power of God through the Holy Spirit. Dr. Suh followed his lecture with a time of Q&A and personal prayer ministry from himself and his team. Several powerful testimonies have surfaced from this evening. Jesus still moves in power.

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