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Christian Union

The Heart of Cultural Influence

In City of God, Saint Augustine proposes that within every city there are two cities simultaneously emerging: the city of good and the city of evil. He argues that everyone, at all times, is contributing to the emergence of one or the other.

How can Christian professionals in major cultural hubs engage their fields and community with the Gospel in ways that nourish goodness, truth, justice, and beauty?

Christian Union New York is a ministry to alumni of Christian Union’s ministries and their peers that will help you do just that. The ministry also helps you to network to other Christian professionals, as it is robust and interconnected networks that will allow Christian influence to more fully impact this influential city.

You are warmly welcome to attend events, hear excellent speakers, join a community group, and find other opportunities to grow in your faith and vocational mindset. 

Get Involved

Opportunities to get involved in New York City include:


For questions or to learn more about Christian Union New York please contact us at: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.