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Greetings from New York!

During the past century it has been an interesting development where the celebration of Christmas has taken on greater social and cultural significance.  Historically the church has elevated Easter, or Resurrection Sunday, as the more defining event to mark.  The death of Jesus as the ultimate sacrifice for the sins of humanity, and His subsequent resurrection overcoming death and the power of Satan are defining factors in the uniqueness of the Christian faith.  It resolves the overwhelming problem of the human condition and it points to a future where all is made whole.  I hope this has been a remarkable season of hope and renewal for you.

Greetings from New York!

I’m not sure if you view this month in quite the same way as I do — a somewhat comical juxtaposition of the silliness/romantic celebration of Valentine's Day and the sobering start of the Lenten season when we consider the path of Christ as He approaches His crucifixion and resurrection.  Certainly any serious celebration of the former would be rather empty without the tangible demonstration of the love of Christ shown for us in the latter.

Greetings from New York City!

There is much to relate in this letter, all of it encouraging. We seem to be in a season of great activity in a number of areas, all of which provide some wonderful opportunities for those of you in the New York area.