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November 30, 2020

Working Relationships and Relationships that Work: Fostering A Redemptive Corporate Culture


Christian Union New York warmly invites Christian Union Alumni, CU New York participants, and friends of Christian Union to join us on November 30 at 7:30pm for a virtual forum with Vince Vitale. 

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Vince Vitale Cornerstone Partner Pre-Event
Cornerstone Partners are invited to an exclusive face to face meeting with Dr. Vitale prior to the event at 6:30pm, going beyond the webinar format. Vince will share what is was like for him learn the art of living for Christ in such secular environments as Princeton University and Oxford. As Vince evolved in college from an atheist to an evangelist, he cut his teeth in these most hostile environments, and did so successfully.

He will share his experiences with us and you can engage with him personally in this more intimate setting. This Cornerstone Partner pre-event will seque perfectly into our primary event on workplace relationships. We value our Cornerstone Partners and want to always treat you to something extra valuable. We are so grateful that you are helping us to accomplish our mission of developing and connecting transformative Christian leaders such as yourselves. Please join us! For questions about the Pre-Event, please contact Karen Hetzler at: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

Event Topic
Is a good “working relationship” good enough? What causes working relationships to break down over time, and how can they be replaced with relationships that not only work but that reflect the gospel and further the mission of God? Dr. Vince Vitale will explore what it looks like to exercise leadership and represent Christ well in the context of secular workplaces and communities. 

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