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Latest on probation of Harvard College Faith and Action (HCFA), a student organization at Harvard supported and resourced by Christian Union.

Wednesday, March 7:

A good article about the controversy has been published by The Harvard Crimson.

The writer helpfully raises the question, “May campus religious organizations govern themselves according to their values without retribution?” And also points to the legitimate and appropriate value of Christian Union’s “external ministry fellows with seminary degrees providing pastoral care and spiritual mentorship to Harvard students.” HCFA has never violated any student organization guidelines.

Thursday, March 1:
It has been confirmed that the probation status of HCFA means no loss of privileges from Harvard College itself in the form of room booking and student outreach.  However, the student government voted to bar the organization from receiving funding.  That won’t hinder very much the fruitful impact of the ministry, but is an unfortunate action taken against one of the most popular student organizations on campus.  

Fox News Website:

Rod Dreher wrote this helpful piece a few days ago:

The free speech organization Foundation for Individual Rights in Education has given Harvard a speech code rating of Red:  https://www.thefire.org/schools/harvard-university/

Wednesday, February 28:
Al Mohler, president of Southern Seminary, gives a helpful perspective on the situation in a ten minute audio:  https://albertmohler.com/2018/02/27/briefing-2-27-18/

Tuesday, February 27:
A few days ago Harvard put the student organization Harvard College Faith and Action (HCFA) on administrative probation for a year citing its relationship with Christian Union and its leadership standards. To Christian Union’s knowledge, HCFA has fully met all standards in Harvard’s Student Organization and Policy Guide (aka Student Handbook).  We ask for your prayers for the HCFA student leaders as they continue to interact with the Harvard administration over this issue.  Among Christian Union leadership, it is a very real concern that this probation is sourced in a discriminatory, anti-Christian agenda and not in the student organization’s deviation from the college’s student organization standards.  


Harvard’s Standards for Student Organizations:



Helpful Perspectives:

Rod Dreher:

Al Mohler (ten minute audio):

Foundation for Individual Rights in Education has given Harvard a speech code rating of Red:

Fox News Website:

The Harvard Crimson:


Articles from The Harvard Crimson:

The following articles from the student newspaper, The Harvard Crimson, cover the controversy.  As one might expect, some of them are extremely one-sided and in some cases very misleading at best.

“The High Cost of Harvard’s HCFA Hysteria”
By Grace M. Chao, Contributing Opinion Writer
March 7, 2018

“For HCFA, Probation to Have Little Immediate Practical Effect”
By Caroline S. Engelmayer and Michael E. Xie, Crimson Staff Writers
March 6, 2018

“Thou Shalt Love from the Inside”
By Tyler S. Parker, Class of 2017, Christian Union Ministry Intern and alumnus of HCFA

“Christian Questions for Harvard”
By Veronica S. Wickline, Class of 2016; A former Crimson columnist and alumna of Harvard College Faith and Action
February 27, 2018

“UC Condemns HCFA, Debates Whether to Host Group Leaders”
By Jonah S. Berger and Michael E. Xie, Crimson Staff Writers
February 26, 2018

“HCFA Must Cut Ties to ‘Parent Ministry’ to Regain Recognition”
By Caroline S. Engelmayer and Michael E. Xie, Crimson Staff Writers
February 25, 2018

“Some Students Praise HCFA Probation, Others Urge Sympathy”
By Caroline S. Engelmayer and Luke W. Vrotsos, Crimson Staff Writers
February 25, 2018

“A Path Past Hate: HCFA’s actions represent both practical ineptitude and moral deficiency, but there is a real path to reform”
By the Crimson Editorial Board
February 22, 2018

“College Places HCFA On ‘Probation’ After Group Barred Student in Same-Sex Relationship from Leadership”
By Caroline S. Engelmayer and Michael E. Xie, Crimson Staff Writers
February 22, 2018

“'Ex-Gay' Speaker Invited by HCFA Draws Protest”
By Paula M. Barberi and Caroline S. Engelmayer, Crimson Staff Writers
February 17, 2018

“I Am Two: Gay and—Not or—Christian”
By Lorenzo F. Manuali
February 16, 2018