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Salon with Chuck Stetson

George Barna’s research now shows that only 7 percent of the 244 million adult Americans have a Biblical worldview. If culture is to be redeemed in a lasting way, an increase in Biblical literacy is essential. We invite Chuck Stetson to talk to us about the state of Biblical literacy in America and how to proliferate knowledge about our faith’s foundational text.

Time, Date, and Location
7 - 9pm
April 18, 2019
Location to be given upon RSVP


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About the Speaker

Chuck Stetson is Chairman and CEO of Essentials in Education (EIE), a non-profit 501(c)3 educational publisher started in March 2001 by the Stetson Family Office where he is the third-generation CEO. EIE seeks to enrich education by addressing the gap between what students need to know to be productive citizens and what they are being taught. EIE develops quality standards-based instructional materials for schools and colleges. It has recently expanded its educational activities worldwide including teacher training.

In its first project, EIE has changed the nation’s mind in America on teaching  the Bible academically in schools in under two years through the release of the first national research of high school English teachers and university English professors who virtually unanimously supported teaching about the Bible academically as critical for understanding English literature. Chuck co-authored the first textbook on the Bible – The Bible and Its Influence – which is First Amendment safe textbook for teaching the Bible academically in public schools. It is now being taught in over 650 high schools in 45 states and has a 10 percent market share in six states and is now expanding in Asia and Europe as the global standard for teaching the Bible academically.

EIE has been featured in numerous Associated Press articles and has been endorsed by every major newspaper in the U.S. as well as Newsweek and on April 2007 a TIME Magazine in a cover story and has recently been covered positively in the Australian, Australia’s leading newspaper. Chuck has also been a guest on FOX News, CBS Sunday Morning, The TODAY Show, and in radio in Australia.

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