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September 16, 2020

Christian Union Unveils New Giving Program

by catherine elvy, staff writer

Christian Union recently kicked off a major initiative to propel the ministry forward in its strategic mission of developing leaders to transform culture.

The organization has launched Cornerstone Partners to grow the base of supporters behind Christian Union’s effort to bring the Gospel to the country’s next generation of leaders and promote national revival and reformation, especially via its aptly named Christian Union Day and Night movement.


Through the Cornerstone initiative, donors can experience “greater partnership in what God is doing,” said Greg Ray, director of strategic initiatives for Christian Union Universities. “Our partners get to form a deep and engaging connection to our people, the ministries, and what God is doing now and in the future.”

Such causes deeply resonate with Christian Union Founder and Chief Executive Officer Matt Bennett. “America is desperately in need of a spiritual awakening,” said Bennett, Cornell ’88, MBA ’89.

Likewise, “There is a whole generation growing up today that hasn’t been to church and has never been given the opportunity to receive Jesus — and these are the future leaders of our country,” said Bennett.

Since its founding in 2002, Christian Union has specialized in developing bold Christians at the top-tier universities known for producing the luminaries of business, government, entertainment, and culture.

 The ministry trains leaders through mentoring, Bible courses, and other curricula catering to the needs and hearts of intellectually curious, intensely motivated students. Highly-qualified faculty ministers guide students as they learn to seek God’s purpose for their individual lives and prepare to carry out His work on the world stage.

Currently, Christian Union serves students who attend: Brown, Columbia, Cornell, Dartmouth, Harvard, Harvard Law, the University of Pennsylvania, Princeton, Stanford, and Yale universities.

For as little as $25 per year, supporters may become partners at the basic level. Such partners receive a subscription to Christian Union: The Magazine, as well as prayer from ministry faculty. As well, they receive quarterly updates from Christian Union’s chief executive officer and monthly prayer e-mails and updates from individual ministries teams.

Christian Union recognizes bronze-level partners, beginning at $40 per month, via its annual report and through listings at individual ministry centers. Bronze supporters also receive invitations to exclusive events on behalf of Cornerstone Partners and first-notice invitations to Christian Union events and conferences.

Ultimately, faithful financial partners make Christian Union’s strategic goals a reality, especially ones to shepherd godly leaders during their studies on world-class campuses.

“This is really about seeing God’s hand at work. It’s about us being faithful to the Lord,” said Ray. “We’re raising up a new generation to transform our nation through the Gospel.”

Bennett said Cornerstone partners are men and women who are helping bring revival and reformation through financially supporting the ministry of Christian Union and Christian Union Day and Night. “These gifts increase prayer, fasting, repentance, evangelism, and more in our country,” he said. “We appreciate these brothers and sisters so much, and thank God for them.”


For information on Christian Union’s Cornerstone Partners program or to become a Cornerstone Partner, visit www.ChristianUnion.org/transform.