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For decades, the United States has been in a steady moral decline, with increasing numbers leaving the church, and adopting ways of life that ignore and dishonor God. While good Christian initiatives spring onto the national scene from time to time, the overall trend has been downward for many years, which can be observed anecdotally in TV programs, in the laws passed, and in the nation’s court decisions.


The God of the Universe is patient, slow to anger, and merciful, but will not continually tolerate rebellion against Him without bringing judgment and correction (Exodus 34:6, 7).  He does not desire the death of anyone, but that humanity would repent and return to Him  (Ezekiel 18:30-32). He promises that when His people seek Him with all their hearts, that He will hear and respond (2 Chronicles 7:13, 14; Luke 11:1-13 and James 4:1-10), forgiving their sin and pouring out His Holy Spirit with many blessings.  


With so many decades of spiritual decline, the damage to the nation’s families, educational institutions, business norms and governmental structures gets worse and worse, which makes restoration all the more difficult. There is an urgent need to take action right now to stop the downward spiral, and trust God for a radical and sweeping reversal.   


America has experienced five major moves of God in its history that have radically realigned the nation according to  God’s purposes. These include the Great Awakening of the 1730’s and 40’s, the Second Great Awakening from 1801-1830’s, the Businessman’s Revival of 1857-58, the Pentecostal Awakening of 1906, and the Jesus Movement of the 1970’s. America has perhaps the best revival history in the world, such that Christians from other nations have learned America’s Christian history that they might emulate it. These great moves of God are always preceded by large numbers of Christians repenting of sins, praying, fasting and seeking God’s face for His will (2 Chronicles 7:13, 14).


"Christian Union is making a serious attempt to spark this kind of prayer and devotion.
I welcome it, and am very encouraged by it."
- Tim Keller, Chairman and Co-Founder, Redeemer City to City

Christian Union America is Inspiring and Mobilizing the Body of Christ Every Day. 

CU Fire Retreats. Christian Union America leads quarterly 1.5-day nationwide simulcast retreats for small groups for spiritual rejuvenation. Attendees experience life-changing impact through these spiritually-focused weekends, learning what God is like, how to seek Him, and step forward with bold faith.

CU National Fasts. Christian Union America mobilizes thousands of Christians across America to fast, pray, repent of sins and seek God’s face through many initiatives year-round. CU America sponsors two extended fasts per year to embolden Christians to repent of sins, live wholeheartedly for God, and receive fillings of the Holy Spirit.

CU Prayer Team. The ministry has recruited thousands of prayer warriors to seek God daily for His favor and blessing to be poured out. Regular inspiration and encouragement is provided, as well as targeted prayer opportunities. Revivals are always preceded by widespread devout prayer, so this is an essential component.

24 Hour Prayer Chain. An even greater level of prayer is achieved through CU America’s 24 Hour Prayer Chain. The 24 Hour Prayer Chain upholds the many ministries of Chrisitan Union in prayer for very targeted events and individuals. The 24 Hour Prayer Chain will launch the fall of 2022.

Benefits of Becoming a Cornerstone Partner

With your charitable gift of $25 or more you will become a Christian Union America Cornerstone Partner. Jesus Christ is the ministry’s Cornerstone, and giving financially represents partnership with Him in the work He’s doing through Christian Union America to promote national revival and reformation. Become a Cornerstone Partner and you will receive the following benefits:

Recognition and Prayer
CU America Cornerstone Partners are listed in Christian Union’s annual report and on the CU Day and Night website (Bronze level and above). CU America ministry staff pray for you and your family every month.

Special invitations
Partners are invited first to special events and conferences, before the wider public, including salons, forums, Gospel of the Kingdom Conferences and other events in New York City (note: these events frequently sell out). In addition, Cornerstone partners are invited to special events for partners only.
Christian Union recognizes that partners in the ministry appreciate special updates. The ministry provides CU Cornerstone Partners with regular updates on CU America progress.  

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Christian Union is recognized by the IRS as a 501(c)(3) charitable organization. All donations are tax-deductible as to the extent allowed by applicable law. To learn more about the benefits, and rights and responsibilities, of Cornerstone Partners, please go to

ecfa memberThe ministry is a member of the Evangelical Council on Financial Accountability (ECFA) and has its finances audited annually. Charges to credit cards appear as “Christian Union 6098740040.”

If you have questions, please contact a partner representative at (609) 874-0040, or email us at

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