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Those who have participated in any one of Christian Union's leadership development programs are considered alumni of the ministry. You are Christian Union!

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Please pray for ministry of Christian Union at your alma mater and at each campus where the ministry operates. Pray for connections to be made with those who are not Christian, and for Christ followers to grow in their faith and to put that faith into action. Pray for ministry faculty who are dedicated to teaching, mentoring and discipling students. Please pray for healthy engagement to transform campus culture.



Many hours of faculty time and many financial resources have been poured into you. These resources have been provided by many generous ministry partners. Some are alumni of Christian Union's ministry, or these schools; others are not. All are giving in obedience to God's call. To keep up with growing student demand to enroll in Bible courses, additional Christian Union faculty are needed.


There are two annual major fundraising drives (December and June) for the alumni of Christian Union's ministry, as well as other opportunities throughout the year to help the ministry grow and develop Christian leaders who will transform culture.


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Christian Union develops Christian leaders to transform culture. Organize and lead a regular prayer call, Bible study, accountability group or social event. Christian Union is growing the ministry to alumni and their peers in key US cities.

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What's the latest? Let us know! Also, keep your address and email current so you can receive updates from the ministry.

The ministry is always interested in hearing from you about news, events, and trends you think we should share with the world.

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You can serve others by sharing about the importance of seeking God and developing Christian leaders. You can advocate for Christian Union among alumni, potential supporters, as well as parents and students applying to these schools. If you want to get more involved, you could contact alumni to register for programs like benefit events or reunions, mentor a graduating student, or join an Alumni Board.

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