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Christian Union

Andy Woodard

Executive Director
Christian Union New York
Bio coming soon.

Joseph Blodgett

Project Manager
Christian Union America & Christian Union New York
Joseph Blodgett is a dedicated apprentice to Jesus, a devoted husband and father, and a fervent champion of biblical literacy and spiritual formation.
With his wife and three children by his side, Joseph has served as an Event Director and Teaching Pastor for both local and national ministries. He graduated summa cum laude from Liberty University, earning a Bachelor of Science in Biblical and Theological Studies. He soon will embark on a new educational (online) journey, deciding between Gordon Conwell Theological Seminary and Duke Divinity School.

In addition to his formal ministry roles, he and his wife oversee a house church (The Garden) where they foster others through deep discipleship and genuine Christian community. In his free time, he can often be found engrossed in a good book, savoring quality moments with his family and friends, and frequenting local eateries throughout East Tennessee.