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Connect with Like-Minded Alumni from your School

CU Society is a collection of Christian alumni and spouses from Christian Union’s targeted universities, along with Cornerstone Partners of these ministries. CU Society connects these Christian leaders who have a heart for Christian strengthening and societal impact through a mentoring program, alumni boards, university events during reunions and homecomings, and forthcoming CU Connect Groups.

How to Get Involved

All Christian alumni and spouses from Christian Union’s targeted universities and Cornerstone Partners of those ministries are considered part of CU Society, having access to the benefits of the community.

Alumni Boards and University Events

To find out more about CU Society’s alumni boards and university events (e.g. reunions and homecoming), contact Karen Hetzler @ karen.hetzler@christianunion.org.

Mentoring Program

Leaving the university context upon graduation can be a tumultuous time for Christians. In the university setting, many students involved with Christian Union saw the ministry, along with their local church, as a home away from home, and a family with whom they grew in faith and sought God together. Upon graduation, Christian Union graduates are in a precarious situation of needing to find a new faith family in the form of a local church. Graduates can also be challenged by secular workplaces and graduate school environments. During this transition, alumni lose their regular connection to a significant source of spiritual encouragement and leadership. For this reason, Christian Union believes it is vital to come alongside recent graduates and support them in this key transition season.

This is where the CU Society mentoring program comes into play. The vision for the mentoring program is that every Christian Union graduate who wants to have an older alumnus or valued friend of the ministry come alongside them during this transition season can do so. Mentorship relationships focus on spiritual and professional capacities. Each pair is introduced around the time of graduation. Mentors take the lead and set up regular connection times either online or in person for at least the next ten months. The pair works together to help the mentee achieve specific goals that set them up well for a faithful future. These include attending church regularly, making local Christian friends, committing to stewardship, participating in times of fasting and seeking God, and setting and meeting spiritual and professional goals. Both mentees and mentors say that their lives are better and their faith encouraged because of these relationships.

To find out more about involvement with the mentoring program, contact Christine Foster.

Connect Groups

Starting in the fall of 2022, CU Society members will be able to lead, form, and join online connect groups with other members. These groups will include sponsored groups and interest groups.

Groups sponsored by Christian Union will curate specialized content to develop and connect Christian leaders in areas of spiritual growth, intersection of faith and work, intellectual questions related to the faith, exploration of supernatural elements, and more. Christian Union sponsored groups will be led by CU leadership and well-known Christian experts in various fields, and will run throughout the year for a specified length of time.

Member-initiated interest groups can be formed with a general or limited audience, such as university-specific or location-centric, and can center around any topic that is not in conflict with CU’s Statement of Faith and Ethics. Interest groups may range from devotional groups to film-making groups to Christian entrepreneurs groups to mothers of CU Universities students. The possibilities of interest groups are almost endless and can last for as long as the group leader(s) chooses. CU Connect Groups will be an incredible blessing to expand and deepen a network Christian leaders across the nation.
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