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We believe in an almighty, holy, and righteous God, who provided the complete atonement for sin through Jesus Christ in His divine mercy and love. What an awesome God! We are passionate about pursuing Christ and His kingdom. It is the heart of this ministry effort. We give Him all the glory, for He is worthy.

We believe that the Gospel of Jesus Christ has the power to transform the lives of men and women who lead American society. Every person, from the mightiest to “the least of these,” is blessed and more apt to flourish as human beings when leaders exhibit and promote biblically shaped, Kingdom-of-God values, here and now.

We believe that while one person can bring about significant change, systemic change occurs when leaders are connected to one another, coordinating efforts and challenging and inspiring each other to greater faithfulness and impact.

We believe that the time to develop Christian leaders to transform culture is now.  Will you help by praying or by becoming a ministry partner and donating?
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