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Christian Union

Developing Leaders at Strategic Institutions


Jason Walsh, Vice President, CUU
Adrian Schoonmaker, Director of Ministry Support 
Russ Louk, CUU Ministry Operations Director
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Brown University

Sheri Casali, Ministry Fellow 
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Columbia University

Craig Holliday, Ministry Director
Viviana Hinojosa, Ministry Fellow
Ayomide Tikare, Administrative Assistant and House Manager
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Cornell University

Marcus Buckley, Ministry Director
Liz Thomforde, Ministry Fellow

Lea Ann Buckley, Administration/Ministry Associate
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Dartmouth College

Timothy Pillsbury, Ministry Director

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Harvard College

James Galvin, Ministry Fellow
Fady Ghobrial, Ministry Fellow 
Sadie Sasser, Ministry Fellow
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Harvard Law School

Justin Yim, Ministry Director
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Princeton University

Mike Vincent, Ministry Director
Qwynn Gross,Ministry Fellow
Jake Thomas, Ministry Fellow
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Stanford University 

Marcus Preciado, Ministry Director
Justin Woyak, Senior Ministry Fellow
Susan Brown, Ministry Fellow
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University of Pennsylvania

Cory Lotspeich, Ministry Director
Sarah Hickenbotham, Ministry Fellow
Collin Frisch, Ministry Intern
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Yale University

Jeff Walsh, Ministry Director
Chitra Kovoor, Minstry Fellow
Michael Racine, Ministry Fellow and Writer
Bethany Walsh, Administrative Assistant
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