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Christian Union

Developing Leaders at Strategic Institutions

Brown University

Matt Woodard, Director of Undergraduate Ministry 
Laurel Copp, Ministry Fellow 
Justin Doyle, Ministry Fellow 
Gianna Uson, Intern at Brown
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Columbia University

Lane Young, Director of Undergraduate Ministry 
Ava Ligh, Ministry Fellow 
Nick Nowalk, Teaching Fellow 
Bryant Parsons, Ministry Fellow 
Jesse Peterson, Ministry Fellow 
Yolanda Solomon, Ministry Fellow  
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Cornell University

Geoff Sackett, Director of Undergraduate Ministry
Jordan Cooper, Ministry Fellow
Hannah Dorpfeld, Ministry Intern 
Carrie Jussely, Ministry Fellow 
Liz Thomforde, Ministry Assistant 
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Dartmouth College

Zachary Albanese, Director of Undergraduate Ministry 
Chase Carlisle, Ministry Fellow 
Julia Carlisle, Ministry Fellow
India Perdue, Administrative Assistant 
Dori Willeman, Ministry Fellow 
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Harvard College

Don Weiss, Director of Undergraduate Ministry 
Fady Ghobrial, Ministry Fellow 
Renee Ghobrial, Ministry Fellow 
Anne Kerhoulas, Ministry Fellow 
Tyler Parker, Ministry Intern
Christine Shin, Ministry Fellow 
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Harvard Law School

Justin Yim, Director of Ministry 
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Princeton University

James Fields, Director of Undergraduate Ministry 
Jayne Babij, Ministry Fellow
Katie Fields, Melrose Center Manager and Administrative Assistant 
Qwynn Gross, Ministry Fellow 
Carola Hernandez-Cappas, Ministry Fellow
Christopher Heslep, Ministry Fellow
Kori Porter, Ministry Fellow 
Ryan Reed, Teaching Fellow
Darren Saint-Ulysse, Ministry Intern
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Stanford University 

Garrett Brown, Christian Union Director of Undergraduate Ministry 
Jim Black, Christian Union Director of Athletic Ministry
Justin Woyak, Christian Union Ministry Fellow
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University of Pennsylvania

Tucker Else, Director of Undergraduate Ministry 
Fuji Kim, Ministry Fellow
Kelly Schaaf, Ministry Fellow 
Mae Trieu, Adminstrative Assistant
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Yale University

Clay Cromer, Director of Undergraduate Ministry 
Callie Cromer, Administrative Assistant
Jane Hendrickson, Ministry Fellow 
Chitra Kovoor, Ministry Fellow 
Michael Racine, Ministry Fellow 
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