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Christian Union

Developing Leaders at Strategic Institutions

Brown University

Matt Woodard, Director of Undergraduate Ministry 
Laurel Copp, Ministry Fellow 
Justin Doyle, Ministry Fellow 
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Columbia University

Lane Young, Director of Undergraduate Ministry 
Ava Ligh, Ministry Fellow 
Nick Nowalk, Teaching Fellow 
Bryant Parsons, Ministry Fellow 
Jesse Peterson, Ministry Fellow 
Yolanda Solomon, Ministry Fellow  
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Cornell University

Geoff Sackett, Interim Director of Undergraduate Ministry
Hannah Dorpfeld, Ministry Intern 
Carrie Jussely, Ministry Fellow 
Liz Thomforde, Ministry Assistant 
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Dartmouth College

Zachary Albanese, Director of Undergraduate Ministry 
Chase Carlisle, Ministry Fellow 
Julia Carlisle, Ministry Fellow
India Perdue, Administrative Assistant 
Dori Willeman, Ministry Fellow 
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Harvard College

Don Weiss, Director of Undergraduate Ministry 
Fady Ghobrial, Ministry Fellow 
Renee Ghobrial, Ministry Fellow 
Anne Kerhoulas, Ministry Fellow 
Tyler Parker, Ministry Intern
Christine Shin, Ministry Fellow 
Jon Yeager, Ministry Fellow 
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Harvard Law School

Michael Wilkinson, Director of Ministry 
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Princeton University

James Fields, Director of Undergraduate Ministry 
Kevin Antlitz, Ministry Fellow 
Jayne Babij, Ministry Fellow
Katie Fields, Melrose Center Manager and Administrative Assistant 
Qwynn Gross, Ministry Fellow 
Carola Hernandez-Cappas, Ministry Fellow
Christopher Heslep, Ministry Fellow
Kori Porter, Ministry Fellow 
Ryan Reed, Teaching Fellow
Darren Saint-Ulysse, Ministry Intern
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Stanford University 

Garrett Brown, Christian Union Director of Undergraduate Ministry 
Jim Black, Christian Union Director of Athletic Ministry
Justin Woyak, Christian Union Ministry Fellow
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University of Pennsylvania

Tucker Else, Director of Undergraduate Ministry 
Fuji Kim, Ministry Fellow
Kelly Schaaf, Ministry Fellow 
Mae Trieu, Adminstrative Assistant
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Yale University

Clay Cromer, Director of Undergraduate Ministry 
Callie Cromer, Administrative Assistant
Jane Hendrickson, Ministry Fellow 
Chitra Kovoor, Ministry Fellow 
Michael Racine, Ministry Fellow 
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