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An Opportunity to Seek the Lord...Together

Christian Union America hosts regular national fasts ranging from week-long to 40-day fasts with the intention of both deepening our own relationship with the Lord and interceding for our nation to return to Him. Fasting is an essential part of Christian life. It is modeled for us throughout the Scriptures and has a unique capacity to draw us closer to the Lord through humble dependence upon Him.

Each signed-up participant receives a daily Bible-based devotional by email during the fasting period.

Each participant decides how to abstain from food and/or drink during the fast. The Bible provides different examples of fasting, from eating only one meal per day to forgoing all foods for multiple days in a row. Only rarely and in very exceptional circumstances does someone abstain from both food and drink. Ask God how you should fast, and please consult your doctor if you have any questions or concerns about fasting. If you have never fasted for days in a row, then join for as long as you can. The most important part of fasting is the humbling of our hearts to seek after God.

Learn more about the next fast and how you can join other Christians to seek God through fasting and prayer here.

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