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A Christian Union Video Teaching Series

7 KeysAre you satisfied with your own Christian growth, or the current impact of the Church in America? 

The Seven Keys to Kingdom Advancement is a series of lessons explaining Christians' role in advancing the kingdom of God into all parts of society to please God and bring His blessings to every sector. 

The Seven Keys to Kingdom Advancement series is rooted in the Scriptures, drawing on years of study, experience, and insight. They are directly applicable to every Christian, church, and Christian agency. Understanding the seven keys and radically putting them into action will positively revolutionize churches, communities, and nations to the glory of God.

Brief bios of the presenters in this video series are listed below the table of contents.

Table of Contents

Key 1: Aspiration and Desperation

What is the vision and end goal of the Seven Keys? Why are the Seven Keys so urgently needed today?



Key 2: Theological Foundations 

Theological Foundation teachings address common issues and questions holding many Christians back from full engagement in kingdom advancement.


Ten of the most misunderstood theological concepts that keep many Christians from seeking God wholeheartedly include Legalism, Positional and Ethical Righteousness, and Conditional Grace. 

Doctrinal Defeaters 2 
Ten more misunderstood theological concepts that keep many Christians from seeking God wholeheartedly, including Pleasing God, Abundant Life, and Freedom in Christ.

Strong character provides the foundation and context for seeking God wholeheartedly in order to be used by Him to spread the kingdom.
Perhaps no greater effort by Christians to prepare the way for seeking God wholeheartedly and receiving outpourings of the Holy Spirit can be made but by the achievement and maintenance of Christian unity.

Understanding the judgment of God brings balance to our understanding of His grace and helps us seek Him wholeheartedly as He requires, bringing His presence and advancing the kingdom.
The Holy Spirit is the power source for spreading the kingdom of light and dispelling the kingdom of darkness in the personal, territorial, and cultural spheres.  He comes as we seek God wholeheartedly paving the way for the church’s success.
Having a fear of man, and not having a fear of God blunts the resolve of Christians to seek God with whole hearts, forgoing fillings of the Holy Spirit and the power to spread the kingdom.


Key 3: Seeking God Wholeheartedly 

Also referred to as the Seeking God Lifestyle, it comprises seven biblical principles for pursuing God to please Him and advance His kingdom.


A culture of Christians seeking the Lord wholeheartedly pleases God and is the means established by Him to attract His presence for power and success in deepening and expanding the kingdom of God.  Seeking Him as He requires is the highest aim of humanity. 

Principle 1: Humility with the Help of Fasting
Humbling ourselves with the help of fasting is a powerful means of seeking God, which pleases Him, attracts His presence, yielding outpourings of His Spirit.

Frequent and fervent prayer awakens God’s heart to the plight of His servants, making tangible the sincere desire to seek Him wholeheartedly. When God becomes pleased with our seeking, He responds with extraordinary grace for radical positive change in our lives and society.
Having the Scriptures filling our minds helps Christians seek God wholeheartedly because we learn what pleases Him and have strength to obey. Christians need to know His will to obey and seek Him and the Scriptures are the will of God.
Engaging in deep and ongoing repentance means a Christian is free from everything displeasing to God which thereby attracts His presence and power for kingdom advancement.
Obeying God moment by moment pleases God and helps ensure His constant support and strength for His will to be done.
God has intended that we seek Him and fulfill His purposes as a community of strong and committed disciples.  There is great power and success when seeking God as a team instead of just on one’s own.
God has called His followers to seek Him day in and day out, and many blessings do not come until after a season of dedicated striving to draw near to Him.  Faithfully pursuing Him pleases Him and attracts His presence.

Key 4: Spiritual Practices

Seeking God wholeheartedly for outpourings of the Spirit happens in the context of disciplined spiritual practices.  Faithfully seeking God daily, month after month, pleases Him and draws His presence and blessing.


Key 5: Supernatural Aspects

As God’s power is released for His kingdom advancement, supernatural manifestations can occur including visitations of the Spirit, manifestations of spiritual gifts, and even demonic manifestations.  Knowing and understanding these supernatural phenomena helps deepen and extend revival. 



Key 6: Impacting the Three Spheres

Having gained the power of the Holy Spirit by seeking God wholeheartedly, it’s the Christian’s duty and joy to take the message of God’s love to every person on the planet and call all persons and institutions worldwide to the Lordship of Jesus Christ.



Key 7: Leadership

The presence and power of the Holy Spirit are not enough to see rapid kingdom advancement apart from spiritual leadership. Edwards, Whitefield, Finney, Roberts, Seymour, and modern leaders like David Cho, Savenaca Nakauyaca, and John Mulinde have all exemplified this.  They have had the power of the Holy Spirit but have taken specific action as Christian leaders.


The primary presenter is Matt Bennett, founder and president of Christian Union. Other presenters include Dr. Chuck Hetzler, Ph.D. in New Testament and former senior pastor, and Bishop Wolfgang Watkins, a founding senior pastor and Christian leader.  Each has participated in—and helped lead—a revival. Each has also studied extensively the history of revivals in America. Additionally, to learn about how God works, each has visited other nations where revivals are currently commonplace.