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Christian Union

At Cornell University

Christian Union  Vita LogoThe ministry at Cornell — now called Christian Union Vita — is a student organization that is focused on Christian leadership development.

The organization provides in-depth study of Scripture, leadership training, fellowship, and support for Christian students as well as resources to help non-Christian students learn about Christianity. The features of the program include intellectually rigorous Bible courses, a weekly leadership lecture series called Vita Fidei, conferences, and a variety of outreaches on campus.

If you are a current or prospective student or have a question about Christian Union at Cornell, please contact our ministry faculty there via email at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Christian Union also owns and runs the John R. Mott Center at Cornell University. 

Christian Union Faculty

Christian Union's role is to resource students at Cornell by offering mentoring, discipleship, and leadership training. Meet the Christian Union faculty team that works with Cornell students. 

Christian Union is an independent Christian ministry.

Christian Union Vita Cornerstone Partners

If you would be interested in helping support the work of Christian Union at Cornell, please consider becoming a Christian Union Vita Cornerstone Partner.


  • In 2019-20,120 undergraduate students enrolled in Christian Union's rigorous, weekly Bible courses. 
  • This year, two full-time Christian Union ministry faculty work directly with students, providing Bible course instruction, mentorship and leadership coaching.
  • The leadership lecture series, Vita Fidei, addressed a host of challenging and inspiring topics throughout the year like "Anxiety and Worry," "The Importance of the Inerrancy of Scripture and Church History," "Revival," and "Friendship."
  • Conferences took students off campus twice to go in-depth into Scripture, worship, prayer and community building.
  • Prayer gatherings took place throughout the year, and students are learning to fast as they seek the Lord for themselves and their campus. Wednesday morning prayer and breakfast was particularly exciting this year and provided a weekly touch point for students to connect and seek the Lord together. 



Cornell University
Founded 1865
Spiritual Heritage Cornell was not founded with any particular religious affiliation.
Motto I would found an institution where any person can find instruction in any study.
Undergraduate Students 15,043
Graduate Students 6,284
Faculty 1,684
Staff 7,485

Christian Union at Cornell
Year the ministry was founded 2012
Full-time Christian Union ministry faculty 2
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