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“I became involved with Christian Union during the fall semester of my freshman year. The ministry did an incredible job of reaching out to new students, which was especially meaningful because it took me awhile to feel comfortable on campus, away from my family. I quickly signed up for a Bible course and began meeting weekly with the Ministry Director and fellow freshmen. I made this decision within a few weeks of studying at Princeton; it was one of the best choices I made during my time there.”

-- Hundley Poulson, Princeton ’19

Course Highlights


You can provide the Christian instruction, spiritual development, and leadership training missing from the top universities shaping the nation’s future leaders. At these leading institutions, many students have not read a Bible or heard the Gospel, much less what it means to devote their lives to seeking and serving God. Bible courses are one of the most vital elements of Christian Union’s core program that develops Christian leaders at intellectually rigorous, most influential universities.

Bible course curriculum spans four years and consists primarily of a 10-lesson course each semester/quarter. A course is comprised of 8-10 students of the same sex and class year, meeting for 1.5 hours, with weekly homework. In describing their experience students have shared: “I have waited my whole life for a Bible study like this.” And, “Before attending Christian Union’s Bible courses, I had never encountered the Scriptures in a rigorous, academic way...Now every page is relevant and instructional.” And, “Christian Union Bible courses have given me a deeper understanding of the Gospel and how to live it out.”

Course titles include: 1 John, 2 Timothy, Acts, Colossians, Hebrews, Mark, Philippians, Romans, Seeking God Lifestyle, Sex and Spirituality, Vocational Integration & Financial Stewardship, and more.

Currently, 95 percent of Christian Union faculty has seminary or other graduate degrees; many blend professional and ministry experience which provides students with the high-quality teaching and life experience of adults they can emulate. Faculty lead weekly Bible courses and mentor students toward spiritual and leadership growth. One ministry fellow said: “It is unspeakably rewarding to see students understand and grab hold of the Gospel, apply Scripture to their lives, and grow in their understanding of the story of redemption.”

Become a Bible Course Sponsor 


Hundreds of students from Brown, Columbia, Cornell, Dartmouth, Harvard, Harvard Law, Princeton, the University of Pennsylvania, Stanford, and Yale were enrolled in semester-long Christian Union faculty-led Bible courses. Many students were surprised to find such rich, in-depth Christian curriculum available in such highly secular academic environments. 

Over the next several years, thousands more will enter this journey through Christian Union. Together with your support, we can continue and expand this transformative work at these universities, and ensure that every single Bible course is connected to a faithful Christian Union supporter.

A gift of $5,400 underwrites a semester-long Christian Union faculty-led Bible course for 8-10 students, and offers a unique opportunity for sponsors to connect with these future leaders. 

As a sponsor, you are invited to visit the course, either in person or via Skype, so that students can meet you and learn from your faith journey. In addition, your faculty member will send you a course update to share the impact of your investment. 

If you need assistance, please call a donor representative at: 1-609-688-1700 option 2 or email:  giving@christianunion.org.

Remember: gifting securities or real estate, life insurance policies, beneficiary designations of an IRA or other tax-deferred retirement account, and gifts by means of charitable trusts or gift annuities can maximize your giving and  provide potential tax advantages for you and those you love.