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Nexus is a conference which equips men and women to seek God and to live out their faith in a way that will make a difference.

The Nexus 2018 theme of "Turn the World Upside Down" comes from Acts 17, when Christians were accused of turning the world upside down with the message of Jesus Christ. What does it mean to turn the world upside down with the Good News? In God’s "upside down" economy, Christ died so that we might live, the weak are strong, the poor are rich. How can we be a part of what God is doing today? These questions were at the heart of Nexus.

For one weekend, students worshiped and prayed together, heard from high-caliber speakers, experienced engaging breakout sessions, connected with one another in small groups, and built cross-campus ties around shared challenges and opportunities.

The first plenary speaker of Nexus 2018 was Christian Union Founder and CEO Matt Bennett. Friday night, Bennett introduced nearly 300 students to the conference theme "Turn the World Upside Down," drawn from Acts 17. If those who promoted the Gospel of Jesus Christ were said to be turning the world upside down, how we will define being a "success" in this life? (34:38)

David Bryant discusses the conference topic “Turning the World Upside Down." He challenged students with his charge, "So, you want to change the world for Jesus Christ? First, your life, your own world, must be radically turned upside down by a vision of "the greatness and glory, the majesty and supremacy, and the wonders of the love and saving power of the Lord Jesus Christ"!

He continues to highlight the importance of preaching a message in proportion of the greatness and supremacy of Christ. Through his speech, he compels students to grasp the majesty of Jesus Christ as our resurrected King. When Christian lean into the person of Jesus Christ, our world is turned upside down and we are then, equiped to share the same Good News with others on campus. (37:46)

Roland Warren, CEO of Care Net, was named the 2018 Christian Leader of the Year Award at Nexus 2018, the Christian Union Conference on Faith and Action. After receiving the award, he addressed the topic of "Greatness — and How to be Great from a God Perspective." (28:51)

Nancy Ortberg, CEO of Transforming the Bay with Christ addressed nearly 300 students at the Christian Union conference. She highlights the difference between worldly success and spiritual success. She explains the powerful impact of giving practical items to people in need. A church choosing to give used cars to people in the community became a way to share the gospel through living the call to love our neighbors.

Through this type of giving, she provides a powerful testimony of how the reciepents feel the love of God through these provisions, and it is through this action that people are led to faith in God. Nancy also explains the leaders in our society should be able to own their personal growth, ensure no topic are off limits, solve problems at a systems level and to refuse to allow comparision to enter their thought-life. (33:20)

The Christian Union Conference on Faith and Action 2017 gathered together 300 undergraduates from select universities for a weekend of inspiring speakers, thought-provoking panels, in-depth seminars, and powerful worship. The following are the plenary messages that amplified the theme, drawn from Hebrews 4:16: "Let us then with confidence draw near to the throne of grace, that we may receive mercy and find grace to help in time of need."

This speech by Matt Bennett was given at Nexus 2017 to a joint session including both professionals and students. (27:43)

The following interview was recorded at Nexus 2017 to a joint session of students and professionals. (11:21)

Reverend Eugene F. Rivers III, a former gang member from Philadelphia, is a widely published writer, community activist, and worldwide speaker. As an activist for over 35 years, Reverend Rivers has worked on community development, faith-based initiatives, and domestic and foreign policy issues. He also advised both Bush Administrations and the Clinton Administration on their faith-based initiatives and in the foreign policy arena regarding the AIDS crisis in Africa. (33:18)

Dr. Carol M. Kaminski is a professor of Old Testament and Hebrew Language at Gordon-Conwell Theological Seminary in Massachusetts. She is a member of the Institute for Biblical Research and the Society of Biblical Literature. Originally from Australia, Dr. Kaminski holds an MA in Old Testament and an MA in Religion from Gordon-Conwell. She holds a PhD from the University of Cambridge. (34:58)