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Christian Union
David Bryant discusses the conference topic “Turning the World Upside Down." He challenged students with his charge, "So, you want to change the world for Jesus Christ? First, your life, your own world, must be radically turned upside down by a vision of "the greatness and glory, the majesty and supremacy, and the wonders of the love and saving power of the Lord Jesus Christ"!

He continues to highlight the importance of preaching a message in proportion of the greatness and supremacy of Christ. Through his speech, he compels students to grasp the majesty of Jesus Christ as our resurrected King. When Christian lean into the person of Jesus Christ, our world is turned upside down and we are then, equiped to share the same Good News with others on campus. (37:46)

About the Speaker
Formerly a pastor, minister-at-large with the InterVarsity Christian Fellowship, president of Concerts of Prayer International (COPI) and chairman of America’s National Prayer Committee, today David provides leadership to PROCLAIM HOPE! whose mission is to “foster and serve a nationwide Christ-awakening movement”.  His he is the author of several books including In the GapWhat It Means To Be a World ChristianWith Concerts of PrayerChristians United for Spiritual Awakening and World EvangelizationMessengers of HopeBecoming Agents of Revival for the 21st Century; and Christ Is All: A Joyful Manifesto on the Supremacy of God’s Son. David and his wife Robyne call metropolitan New York/New Jersey their home. Their three grown children, Adam, Bethany and Benjamin, were adopted as infants from India.