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Christian Union

Key Partners in Developing Christian Leaders

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Christian Union is honored to partner with foundations to accomplish shared goals to impact the world for Christ.

Christian Union invites foundation board and staff members to visit the campuses where the ministry operates leadership development programs. To arrange a visit or to simply learn more about the ministry, request annual reports and other materials, and to discuss whether Christian Union's mission and vision align with the foundation's funding priorities, contact a director of public affairs for your region. 


Christian Union is thankful for the support of churches in developing future leaders of wholehearted Christian faith.

A director of public affairs can answer your church's questions about Christian Union's ministry to universities and cities. They can also address campus-specific questions, and help to determine if funding this ministry would help your church reach its missional goals. 

"Briarwood Presbyterian Church is striving to equip the next generation of leaders for the church and for the nation. Because of the immeasurable influence and impact of Ivy League graduates, Christian Union is a valuable partner for discipleship and evangelism, bringing the gospel of grace to bear on the lives of the now-student and soon-to-be-leader, as they become change agents in our world. This is a ministry worth coming alongside."

--Dr. Tom Cheely (deceased), former Missions Pastor, Briarwood Presbyterian Church

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