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Welcome to The Magazine, Christian Union's online publication of ministry updates, feature stories, and news. Christian Union orignially launched a quarterly magazine, the Ivy League Christian Observer to report on what God was doing at the eight schools that make up the Ivy League. As the scope of Christian Union's ministry grew, the quarterly publication was re-named Christian Union: The Magazine. As Christian Union has continued to evolve and grow so has our desire to provide content to readers and ministry partners in a more current manner, leading us to the launch of our current online publication.

Some readers may be disappointed that the print version has ceased to exist, but many have written expressing their desire for online content that is both more easily accessible and sustainable. An archive of past issues is available and can be found in the left column of this page.

The goals of The Magazine are unchanged: to inform Christian alumni, staff, faculty, students, parents, community members, supporters, and friends about the spiritual state of America's most influential universities from a Christian perspective, to encourage followers of Christ to seek God wholeheartedly, and to keep friends of the ministry updated about Christian Union's work to develop Christian leaders to transform culture.

The newly-reimagined The Magazine will feature new articles, features, and updates in an ongoing manner each week. Best articles will be highlighted in our bi-weekly eNewsletter and the ministry emails to subscribers.

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