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A Series on the Psalms, Available Now!

Christian Union's Bible Study Series on the Psalms will empower you to dive into this wonderful book as never before.

Psalms Bible Studies from Christian Union

These guides are more exegetically focused and academic than devotional books, yet more accessible and application-oriented than commentaries. Proven on the campuses of the nation’s most academically intense and influential universities, CU Bible studies provide a deep understanding of biblical texts through explanations about translations, historical background, literary genres, and the meanings of Hebrew and Greek words.

They draw from the best biblical scholarship available, presenting it in an accessible and concise format. This three-volume series is perfect for people who want to grow in their faith through in-depth studies of Scripture that supplement their regular Bible reading. Bible studies are typically ten lessons, helping you dive deeply into the Scriptures on your own or in a group context.

Buy the first of the three studies, Psalms 1-41, from Amazon.com >
Buy the second in the series, Psalms 42-89 from Amazon.com >
Buy the third in the series, Psalms 90-150 from Amazon.com >

Coming in late 2024: A new Bible study from Christian Union, on the Book of Job!