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Christian Union

Seeking God as a College Student

There is a lot to consider as you apply to college. What about growing in Christ?

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If you are considering attending Brown, Columbia, Cornell, Dartmouth, Harvard, Harvard Law, Penn, Princeton, Stanford or Yale, please explore our site to learn more about the our work at those ten universities.

Whether you are set on attending one of those schools or not, the video below may help provide some perspective as you prepare for college.

A Freshman's Perspective

Christian Union helps students learn to live out their Christian faith in meaningful ways on campus—and beyond. This video was created by a leader in Christian Union, discussing campus life from a Christian perspective. 

The video was created by Damaris Taylor ('12), during his freshman year at Harvard. Taylor, a founding member of Christian Union's leadership development ministry at Harvard, went on to serve as a ministry intern working with students at Harvard College. (Video length is 5:32.)

Christian Union works with student organizations by discipling, training and mentoring students who are serious about growing in their faith.

Christian Union develops students through:

    • In-depth, small-group Bible courses
    • One-on-one mentorship
    • Excellent Christian speakers


Next Steps

For most new students, their most important step is enrolling in a Christian Union Bible course. Visit the university page for your campus and learn more.