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Christian Union

Monday, August 16 – Sunday, August 29, 2021

America is in desperate need of spiritual awakening. Even ten years ago, not everyone agreed with that statement. But now I don’t know a single Christian who feels otherwise.

What are we to do? We must go back to what the Bible teaches and put it to action. We don't need to devise a new scheme and we cannot carry on with business as usual in our prayers, in our Christian lives, and in our church activities. “Business as usual” has put us in the faltering place where we now find ourselves. More dramatic and biblical steps are needed. 

Christian Union New York

After being healed at a Christian Union conference by the power of Jesus of a physical injury needing surgery, Dr. Matthew Suh became convinced of God’s power and readiness to still heal today. Now practicing healing prayer alongside evangelism in public spaces, Dr. Suh challenged us to consider whether evangelism coupled with supernatural healing may be the spark plugs that we need to corporately pursue revival in our nation today - whether at our schools, our workplaces or out in the public square.  

Gospel of the Kingdom

Gospel of the Kingdom, a ministry of Christian Union, is dedicated to assisting those who would like to learn more and explore the supernatural dimension of the Christian life. Read below for information about past and upcoming events, or go to www.gotk.org to learn more.