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Jimmy Lin, MD, PhD, MHS Chief Scientific Officer (CSO), Oncology at Natera Dr. Lin has devoted his life to beating cancer. His work in clinical research includes Johns Hopkins, Washington University in St. Louis, and the National Cancer Institute (NCI). In addition, he has leveraged the technological advances in cancer to fight rare diseases as the Founder and President of the Rare Genomics Institute.

Here, he addresses college students about his faith in Jesus Christ and what it means to be 'courageous in the ways of the Lord'. Dr. Lin has published over 100+ papers, abstracts, and book chapters, in top academic journals, such as Science, Nature, Cell, Nature Genetics, Nature Medicine, Nature Biotechnology, Genome Research, and PNAS. He has presented at top scientific conferences and institutions including Harvard, Stanford, Yale, NCI/NIH, Vanderbilt, and Johns Hopkins. (41:58)

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