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Christian Union

Providence, Rhode Island

Sheri Casali

Ministry Fellow

Sheri2021Sheri is a Rhode Island native. She worked for several years with Brown Medicine as the Supervisor of the Division of Infectious Diseases, Inpatient Consult Service. In her time there the Lord called her to full time ministry. 

She is a minister with the Assemblies of God and serves as a lay counselor with her church. She currently serves as a board member with a Christian non-profit start up, with a mission to provide holistic trauma care services in the community. 

Sheri serves on the ministerial support team at church, including transition prayer and altar ministry. She started small groups within the church focused on discipling women. Sheri is passionate in discipling women to be world changers for Jesus. It brings her joy to journey alongside them, as they continue to grow in His grace and knowledge. 


In her free time she loves to read, write, and work in her garden.