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Christian Union

Alumni with a Vision to Transform Princeton

The Christian Union Nova Alumni Board is a team of Christian Princeton alumni united in the vision to see the Gospel of Christ shine brightly at Princeton University and who seek sweeping spiritual transformation for its students, staff, and faculty.

The Alumni Board is an alumni-led organization which will inevitably play a vital role in the future of the ministry at Princeton University. The Alumni Board is committed to furthering the development of programs focused on alumni as it furthers the following objectives: advance the work at Princeton University, transition graduates well, develop Christian leaders and bring revival.

Ming Wilson 18 Chair

Ming Wilson '18



ChrissyNovaBoardChristina Badaracco '12

Board Member

LizGreen2021Liz Green '84

Board Member

Dr. Vincent Naman 82 Prayer and CommunicationsDr. Vincent A. Naman '82

Board Member 

Chandler Cleveland 18 Events

Chandler Cleveland '18

Board Member

Betsy2021Betsy Salazar '10

Board Member

AnnieCUNovaBoardAnnie Xie '20

Board Member

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