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August 25, 2017

A Student's Perspective

molly richmond copy

Molly Richmond, Class of 2018, is involved with Christian Union's ministry at Harvard. The History and Literature hails from Watertown, Massachusetts.

"In just a few years, I have gone from just attending Bible courses to being a leader in the ministry at Harvard. Being mentored by Christian Union Ministry Fellow Teal McGarvey has helped me grow enormously in my ability to live out my faith in college and to lead well. It has been a blessing to have a believer who is older than me encourage me in my faith and share her wisdom. 

This year I helped coordinate the Harvard ministry’s fall retreat—an important annual event attended by about 90 students. The work ranged from bringing in a guest speaker, to organizing small groups, to facilitating extended times of worship, prayer, and seeking God. Having this time together early in the semester is essential at Harvard—our academic responsibilities are intense and pile up quickly—so I helped to make sure students could connect and ground themselves in Jesus Christ. The weekend focused on courage and hope, and the effort that went into the time was worth it. I saw students strengthened in their faith and encouraged to live more fully for Christ when they returned to campus. 

I am thankful that someone like Teal poured into my life, so that I could turn around and help others develop in their faith and leadership as well.”

Thank you for helping to develop in students like Molly a deeper devotion to Jesus Christ, and the skill and mindset to excercise godly leadership in all that they do. 
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