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July 5, 2018
Os Guinness Explains Implications of the Reformation; The Genius of Phillis Wheatley; The Sermon that Helped Push the Colonies Toward Independence; What is Love; Princeton Takes a Stand for Free Speech on Campus and more, in this issue of Christian Union's bi-monthly email brief.
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Your kingdom is an everlasting kingdom, and your dominion endures through all generations. The LORD is trustworthy in all he promises and faithful in all he does.
— Psalm 145:13


Os Guinness Explains Implications of the Reformation

By Catherine Elvy 
From Christian Union: The Magazine 
os 1

In contemporary America, covenantalism is a “forgotten secret” of democratic livelihood. Rather than being the result of economic prowess or military might, much of American endurance comes from its core covenantal nature, or adherence to a morally binding agreement....a concept woven into the fabric of Colonial North America.

Os Guinness unpacked these concepts in a Christian Union Forum in New York City that centered on the Reformation, 500 years on, and the specific implications it had in shaping the American political system and cultural framework.

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The Genius of Phillis Wheatley

By Eric Metaxas
From Breakpoint

In case you missed it, yesterday's July 4th BreakPoint broadcast by Eric Metaxas featured the remarkable story of a poet ... who was a slave.

Metaxas concludes the story by encouraging each listener to "share this story of Phillis Wheatley with your family, and read aloud one of her inspiring poems. And take a moment to remember, for those who still live in bondage around the globe — and pray, with Phillis Wheatley, for the day that 'Others may never feel tyrannic sway.'"

Read or listen to the story of Phillis Wheatley here >


The Sermon that Helped Push the Colonies Toward Independence

By  Kevin DeYoung
From The Gospel Coalition

dec 3

On May 17, 1776, John Witherspoon preached one of the most significant sermons in the history of this country. Preaching at Princeton, the Scottish pastor turned college president, delivered his most famous address ... It is widely regarded as one of the principal sermons that prepared the way for the Declaration of Independence, a document that Witherspoon himself—the lone clergyman—would sign on July 4, 1776.

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What is Love

By Tucker Else
From ChristianUnion.org

“What is love?” Bob Marley asked that question back in the 70s. The band Foreigner was at least honest enough to admit “I want to know what love is! I want you to show me!” So, what is love? Is it sex? Romance? Warm feelings? Maybe.

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Princeton Takes a Stand for Free Speech on Campus

By Russell K Nieli
From MindingtheCampus.org
speech 5

Much of the news regarding free speech on campus is enough to make anyone despair. Year after year more people and ideas are muzzled. But some very heartening news of late comes from Princeton. Due largely to a new book promoting free speech by Princeton University political scientist Keith Whittington and the unusual support and campus-wide promotion of the book by Princeton’s president Chris Eisgruber, Princeton is now in the forefront of those American colleges and universities that have said “stop” to the onslaught of thuggish campus militants intent on shutting down free speech...

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Prayer Requests


Please take a moment to stop and pray for the freshmen who will be starting at the nine undergraduate schools where Christian Union works and for the incoming first-year law students at Harvard Law. Pray that God would use this summer to prepare — and soften, where necessary — their hearts to hear and respond to the Gospel and to God's call to follow Him wholeheartedly.

Please join us in praising God for a very successful first-ever CU Cities Conference, June 22-23, in NYC. About a hundred professionals gathered to consider God’s call in their vocations to “turn the world upside down” (Acts 17:6) through networks and community. We would appreciate prayer for God’s wisdom as we seek to welcome the recent graduates of the Class of 2018, and other young alumni, in NYC and DC.

Please pray for a multitude of Christians who will pray for a great move of God in America. Pray that believers will have a passion for the purposes of God and compassion for the lost that will lead us to fervent prayer and courageous action.


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