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February 13, 2019
A Special Invitation from Eric Metaxas; Emotions for the Christian Life; Should Religious Belief Inform Public Policy?; Don't Miss the Great Experiment this March; Move Over Sex and Drugs. Ease is the New Vice; Penn Parents Share and more, in this issue of Christian Union's bi-monthly email brief.
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Greater love has no one than this, that someone lay down his life for his friends.
— John 15:13


A Special Invitation from Eric Metaxas

From ChristianUnion.org
1 ericYou are invited to join Christian Union — and special guest Eric Metaxas — for the week-long CU Summer Getaway this July at Camp-of-the-Woods, in Upstate New York. We will spend a week together seeking God, sharing in wonderful worship, enjoying teaching by pastor and author Colin S. Smith (and by Eric) and playing together in the afternoons in the spectacular Adirondack Mountains.

Watch a (Very) Personal Invitation from Eric >

Emotions for the Christian Life

By Geoff Sackett
From ChristianUnion.org
Moments away from giving birth to our third child, my wife’s blood pressure dropped significantly. With two nurses, her doctor, and me by her side, her words to us in that moment were, “I feel like I am dying.” I feared the worst, but fortunately my fear was soon allayed. She was given medication, her blood pressure rebounded to a healthy range, and she, and our son, made it through safely. Speaking from my own point of view (the only point of view I can speak from), my wife’s desperate situation touched one of my concerns. It touched my concern for her. A particular emotion, specifically the emotion of fear, enabled me, we might say, to ‘perceive’ my wife’s distress. Freely borrowing from Christian philosopher Robert C. Roberts, we can say that an emotion is a ‘perception’ of a ‘touched’ concern...

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Should Religious Belief Inform Public Policy?

By Russell Moore
From RussellMoore.com
3 russellmooreIn a New York Times op-ed, New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo defended his support for a new state law removing the most basic restrictions on late-term abortions because, though he is a Roman Catholic, his religion “cannot demand favoritism as I execute my public duties.” Cuomo writes: “My Roman Catholic values are my personal values. The decisions I choose to make in my life, or in counseling my daughters, are based on my personal moral and religious beliefs.” Citing the First Amendment’s separation of church from state, Cuomo asserts...

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Don't Miss the Great Experiment this March

From Christian Union Day and Night
Many Christians in America are asking themselves, “What can I do to impact our nation for Christ?” One answer to that question is coming March 1-10, 2019 through Christian Union Day and Night. You are invited to unite with Christians around the country for ten days of seeking God and stepping out in courageous faith in The Great Experiment. You can sign up online and invite your family, friends, small group, or even local church to join with you. You will receive an email each day with a reminder of the five “Rs” of The Great Experiment: Read and Pray; Repent; Respond to the Holy Spirit; Represent Christ; Raise Your Faith. You will also receive a free morning and evening video devotional throughout the ten days of The Great Experiment. Thousands of Christians have participated in the past and have experienced transformation in their walks with Christ.

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Move Over Sex and Drugs. Ease is the New Vice.

By Jen Pollack Michel
From Christianity Today

5 moveAccording to recent research, teens are starting their sex lives a lot later. Despite shifting cultural norms and new sexual freedoms, our youngest and most virile are apparently having less sex—at least for now. Sociologists and social commentators debate whether the trend is temporary and whether it marks a healthy or unhealthy societal shift. But it’s possible that the so-called sex recession offers evidence of a wide, disturbing trend that has nothing to do with sex...

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Penn Parents Share

From ChristianUnion.org
When their son, Matthew, left home for college, Michael and Miryan Good prayed fervently that he would find a community of faith to strengthen and encourage him in his walk. Recently, the Penn parents shared, "We are so thankful for the work your ministry and support staff are doing on Penn’s campus. [Christian Union ministry fellows] Tucker Else and Fuji Kim have been answers to prayer..."

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Prayer Requests

Pray for God's favor on our annual Nexus conference which is February 22-24, 2019, in New Brunswick, New Jersey. Pray that as we bring together students from all the campuses where Christian Union operates, that this event will be worthy of the King of Kings. Pray that the Nexus 2019 theme of "Courageous in the Ways of the LORD" (from 2 Chronicles 17:6) will be communicated with clarity at the conference.

Please pray for two upcoming salons in New York (on fasting) and DC (on leadership) as attendees learn to apply biblical principles and truth well in these areas of life.


Please pray for all those participating in The Great Experiment as they decide their Joshua Faith Challenge. Pray that each participant will be filled with the Spirit as a powerful agent of God’s kingdom in their own local community. You can still join The Great Experiment which runs March 1-10, 2019.

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