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July 3, 2019
David Skeel Interviewed on Religious Freedom; Principles of Christian Leadership; Observe & Engage; The Dictatorship of Woke Capital; Art-Making Is an Act of Hope; The Pursuit of Happiness, Rightly Understood and more, in this issue of Christian Union's bi-monthly email brief.
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Now the Lord is the Spirit, and where the Spirit of the Lord is, there is freedom.
— 2 Corinthians 3:17


David Skeel Interviewed on Religious Freedom

From Fox & Friends
1 skeelDavid Skeel, a law professor at the University of Pennsylvania who spoke recently at a Christian Union event in New York City, was interviewed on a morning talk show last week on what some have called a turnabout on religious freedom happening in America.

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Principles of Christian Leadership

By Catherine Elvy
From Christian Union: The Magazine
During the spring term, Christian Union offered an in-depth study on the book of Nehemiah to students from Harvard Law School and the John F. Kennedy School of Government. The account of Nehemiah offers timeless lessons in spiritual and practical leadership. God raised up the Jewish official for a strategic mission, pointing to the role of providence in the form of human managers...

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Observe & Engage

By Scott Crosby
From ChristianUnion.org
3 athensAfter hearing about Athens all his life Paul, the academic and now the apostle, is finally there—a city intellectually and culturally sophisticated but morally decadent and spiritually dead—in spite of having, according to some accounts, up to 30,000 statues of gods. No wonder they had a statue to “the unknown god!” In Acts 17, verse 21 shows an interesting parallel to our own time...Athenians were the ultimate practitioners of “diversity” and “tolerance,” and truth was something very relative and general to them.

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The Dictatorship of Woke Capital

By Sen. Tom Cotton
From FirstThings.org
This essay was initially delivered as a speech in the US Senate on June 19, 2019.

Many state legislatures across the country have taken action recently to protect unborn babies from the violence of abortion. My home state, Arkansas, has just passed a law protecting unborn babies after eighteen weeks of development. And this reform is not just supported by Arkansans. It is supported ...

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Art-Making Is an Act of Hope

By Noor Brara
From Artnet.com

5 makoJapanese-American artist [and friend of Christian Union] Makoto Fujimura thinks we’re out of touch. The culprit, he says, is technology: because we’re constantly plugged in, we never know which way is up. That’s where his work steps in. He wants “to help re-calibrate what makes us human.”

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If you appreciate Makoto's work or perspective, you might also enjoy a recent piece in the New York Times by David Brooks, titled "Longing for an Internet Cleanse."

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The Pursuit of Happiness, Rightly Understood

By Justin Dyer
From Public Discourse
As we prepare to celebrate America's birthday tomorrow, here is a thoughtful piece that argues "the right to the pursuit of happiness is coherent only in the full theological context of the Declaration of Independence."

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Prayer Requests

Thanks for praying for our students through the last academic year. God blessed them in many ways, including 95 new believers involved in our university ministries. Please pray that the Lord will continue to develop these new believers in their faith and trust in Him. May these summer months be a time of spiritual growth and devotion for all our students, and especially for those new in their faith.

As the university ministries wind down for the summer, this is actually a busy season for Christian Union Cities ministries. Please pray that the Christian Union ministries in New York City and Washington, DC, would be able to connect quickly with recent college graduates who are moving to these cities to begin their careers.


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