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May 29, 2020

By Nick Nowalk

Christian Union Teaching Fellow, Nick Nowalk, addresses the topic of waiting on God. During this unique time in our history due to COVID-19, Nick encourages us with practical insights from Scripture. 

Waiting is never easy or enjoyable for human beings. We all grate against situations that defy our expectations and desires and which force us to exercise patience and to delay our sense of fulfillment. Yet God regularly exhorts His people to wait upon Him in the world, and being conformed to the image of His Son requires that we learn to participate in this part of Jesus' story.

When circumstances fall apart around us or the world fails to deliver the opportunities and experiences that reflect God's original intentions for creation, we are summoned to neither despair of the future nor manipulate the present. Instead, we must learn to wait upon the Lord as we walk by faith and not by sight. trusting God even when He seems to be hidden and silent. The church's faithful witness in the midst of the world depends on our formation as those who can patiently await the coming goodness of God even when the world stops or comes apart at the seams around us.

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