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Strength and honor are her clothing; and she shall rejoice in time to come. She openeth...
February 24, 2016

Not Talk, But Power

By Dr. Chuck Hetzler
From cudayandnight.org

Dr. Chuck Hetzler

"First, we need to realize that the level of God's power in our lives can be greater than it is currently." Dr. Chuck Hetzler expands on this thought in a brief devotional posted Monday on Christian Union's new twice-daily video devotional site, Christian Union Day & Night...
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Culture Making

By Esther Jiang with Andy Crouch
From AugustineCollective.org

Andy Crouch, the executive editor of Christianity Today, reflects on culture, Christian calling, and change in an interview that first appeared in the Cornell Claritas. The interview was conducted by a student who has been involved in the leadership of Christian Union's ministry at Cornell...
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"Transparent" and the Art of Propaganda Squads

By Trevin Wax
From TheGospelCoalition.org


Thoughtful Christians have long encouraged discernment and worldview analysis when watching films or television or reading books. What is the message here? What is the filmmaker's...
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Thinking as Christians in an Election Year

By Stephanie Summers and Steve Monsma
From QIdeas.org

In his letter to the followers of Jesus Christ in the capital of the Roman Empire, the apostle Paul urged them not to be conformed “any longer to the pattern of this world, but be transformed by the renewing of your mind” (Rom. 12:2). And he urged the Jesus followers in the world-renowned commercial center of Corinth...
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Awaken Us Again

By Catherine Elvy
From ChristianUnion.org


"Prayer movements have been fundamental to the advancement of Christ's kingdom as long as we can trace," says Bob Bakke, a church historian, author, and pastor. "God is drawn to united prayer"...
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Prayer Requests

A panel entitled "Christianity and the Arts" was presented at Columbia. More than 100 students were in attendance. Praise the Lord for His work through each of the artists and the impact their words were able to have on the students. God is glorified through art, and we praise Him for creating beauty and eyes to behold it.

A number of students involved in the ministry at Harvard have developed a deep desire and longing to study the Scriptures. Let us pray for their diligence in drawing near to the Lord as they seek Him, and that He would speak powerfully through His Word.

Princeton students involved in Christian Union's ministry have returned from their week-long winter retreat. Praise the Lord for four students who placed their faith in Christ for the first time. Continue to pray for their growth and discipleship as they attend Bible course and learn a seeking God lifestyle.

Seth Ward will be presenting a salon for New York City Christian Union to discuss our artistic and musical nature. Please pray for those in attendance to understand further God's purposes for art and music in our lives, and for His glory to be shown through such powerful means. Pray for Seth as he presents and demonstrates his own experience of God's work in his life.

Christian Union Day and Night has continued to grow and lead many more to seek the Lord in the morning and the evening. Praise the Lord for how these twice-daily devotionals are drawing many to seek His face. Pray for the encouragement of others to not only receive the devotionals, but also to expand their passion for seeking God.

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