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March 14, 2016
christians-in-the-artsStudents entered the lecture hall to find the chalk boards clear of their typical dizzying array of equations, and instead saw four artists sitting on the raised platform at the front of the room. The event was facilitated by Columbia Faith and Action (CFA), a Christian ministry on Columbia’s campus, and hosted by Columbia College sophomore Migueyli Rivera.

As the room filled to full capacity Rivera introduced the four guest artists: Andy Mineo, a Reach Records recording artist and music producer; Ben Cowan, a visual artist; Elias Popa, a visual artist and assistant curator at Waterfall Mansion Art Gallery; and Suleky Roman, an event promoter and planner.

The event covered a wide range of topics, including the divide between Christian and secular art, how the label of “Christian” affects art, how God informs the creative process, and how Christianity shapes – if not restricts – art, among other relevant questions and issues.

…The panel discussion stimulated a lot of conversation that continued well into the night. It raised many important questions that could not be addressed in the allotted time. Hopefully, this dialogue can continue and encourage Christian artists to have a more active role in both the Christian and secular communities. - Columbia Crown and Cross

Columbia Faith and Action, a ministry resourced by Christian Union at Columbia, recently hosted a fascinating panel on how Christians can use their passion for God to inspire their work in the arts, also highlighting how the arts are an expression of God’s power and beauty.

Be sure to visit Columbia Crown and Cross for the full interview with host Migueyli Rivera, and check out Andy Mineo's ‘Christians in the Arts’ panel discussion in the audio segment below.