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And Jesus went throughout all the cities and villages, teaching in their synagogues and proclaiming the...
June 1, 2016

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Finding Her Voice as A Pro-Life Leader

By Sarah Camp
From Christian Union

Courtney McEachon '15 is a graduate of Yale University. Among her many courses and activities, she was a key student leader in the pro-life movement at Yale. Courtney was involved with a Christian Union ministry at Yale, as well. In this interview, she shares about her pro-life convictions and how the ministry supported and encouraged her to find her voice...

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What's Wrong with Tolerance?

By Hugh Whelchel
From The Institute for Faith, Work and Economics

"Tolerance, not truth, is the new supreme virtue," D.A. Carson writes in his book The Intolerance of Tolerance. He suggests that for two millennia, Western civilization viewed tolerance as a virtue closely connected to a moral code. Yet today, "tolerance has become independent, largely cut off from a larger moral framework."...

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A Subjective Definition of "Death" Would Unleash Great Evil

By Wesley J. Smith
From First Things

Most people understand the word "death" to mean the end of biological life or, as Merriam-Webster defines it, "a permanent cessation of all vital functions." But now an influential cadre of utilitarian bioethicists wants to redefine it to include a subjective...

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How to Pray for Our Nation

By Eric Metaxas
From Breakpoint.org

Let's face it, as Thomas Paine once said, these are the times that try men’s souls. America is in crisis, from within and without. We face new threats of terrorism on our shores, millions of angry and disenfranchised citizens, a reduction in moral standards, a contentious and unpredictable election, and a secular elite intent on restricting foundational principles such as religious liberty and freedom of speech...

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Bonhoeffer on Fear

By Ryan Hoselton
From Christianity Today

On January 15, 1933, Dietrich Bonhoeffer delivered a sermon in a Berlin church on overcoming fear in the midst of political turmoil. His words still strike a chord today...

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You Can Make a Difference

Courtney McEachon (featured in the first article, above) is just one example of the diverse ways that America's next leaders can put their faith into action. Please join in the exciting ministry of developing Christian leaders who live fully for Christ and channel their influence for the blessing of society. Your gift by June 30 — the end of Christian Union's fiscal year — will make a difference.

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Prayer Requests

Please pray for Christian Union as it is seeking to add new ministry fellows to its ministry faculty, a vice president for the university side of the ministry, as well as several other key hires in the coming weeks.

Please pray for the 2016 graduates who are moving to New York and other major cities in June and July. The transition from college to the workplace — with faith intact — can be challenging. Pray these young men and women would connect quickly to Christian churches and communities, and experience mature Christian mentors. Pray they continue to grow in their understanding of how to integrate their faith and their work, and grasp how vital this is to their flourishing in life.

Please pray that God would continue to provide wisdom and insight now that the beta phase has ended. Pray for the relaunch later this year, that God would guide the planning and next steps.

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