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June 15, 2016

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Supporting Heroes and Heroines on the Front Lines

By Baroness Caroline Cox
From Christian Union

Come travel with Baroness Caroline Cox to meet some of our inspirational brothers and sisters holding front lines of faith and freedom in very challenging parts of our world. You will be blessed by their courage, faith, dignity and miracles of grace...

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Refugee Rescue

By Catherine Elvy
From Christian Union

Bill Drexel '16, a former student leader with Christian Union's ministry at Yale University, is now pursuing a passion to assist on the frontlines of the refugee crisis in Europe: "God's people are meant to look out for the oppressed..."

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Faith & the Arts: A Fragile Friendship

By Andy Crouch
From Christianity Today

Christianity Today's executive editor, Andy Crouch, addresses the idea that while churchgoers are willing to embrace fine art, artists don't know if they want to claim the church...

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Perspective in the Midst of Pain and Tragedy

By Joe Carter
From The Gospel Coalition

The news of violent atrocities [in Orlando] comes to us so regularly that we may feel numb, helpless to know what to do or say after such events. But as followers of Christ we can’t simply shut out the pain and despair. We must bring light and healing...

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Yale Senior Wins Prestigious Award

From Yale News

The James Andrew Haas Prize is awarded annually to "that member of the Senior Class in Yale College whose breadth of intellectual achievement, strength of character, and fundamental humanity shall be adjudged by the faculty to have provided leadership for his or her fellow students, inspiring in them a love of learning and concern for others." This year the Haas Prize is awarded to a senior involved in Yale Faith and Action (the ministry supported and resourced by Chrisitan Union at Yale), William Tanner Allread...

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You Can Make a Difference

Yale graduates Bill Drexel '16 (featured in the first article, above), and William Tanner Allread '16, above, are just two examples of the diverse ways that America's next leaders can put their faith into action. Please join in the exciting ministry of developing Christian leaders who live fully for Christ and channel their influence for the blessing of the world. Your gift by June 30 — the end of Christian Union's fiscal year — will make a difference.

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Prayer Requests

Please continue to pray for Christian Union as it is in the midst of an important hiring season for the ministry. Christian Union is seeking ministry fellows to join its ministry faculty, a vice president for the university side of the ministry, a vice president of development as well as other key hires in the coming weeks.

Please also continue to pray for the 2016 graduates who are in the process of moving to New York and other major cities this summer. Pray for these men and women to quickly find new spiritual community and mentoring relationships, and that they continue to develop in their understanding of how integrating faith and work are essential to flourishing in life.

Please pray that God would continue to provide wisdom and insight now that the beta phase has ended. Pray for the relaunch later this year, that God would guide the planning and next steps.