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And Jesus went throughout all the cities and villages, teaching in their synagogues and proclaiming the...
June 29, 2016

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Gospel of the Kingdom Conference Audio

By Christian Union
From Christian Union

Christian Union's Gospel of the Kingdom Conference took place over three evenings, May 24, 25, and 26, 2016, at the Armenian Evangelical Church in New York City. Featured conference speaker Ken Fish is an honors graduate of Princeton University, with degrees from Fuller Theological Seminary and UCLA's Anderson Graduate School of Management. Each night, the major themes of the conference addressed: how the Gospel of Jesus Christ changes our mindset, ethics, lifestyle and authority, with a special emphasis on the power that flows for today's Christian as a fruit of the Gospel...


Me Before You

By John Stonestreet
From Breakpoint.org

John Stonestreet, in a commentary for Breakpoint, writes, "in a new film audiences are taught it’s better and maybe even more romantic to die than to live with a disability. Some qualified voices strongly protest..."

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Habits of Mind in an Age of Distraction

By Dr. Alan Jacobs
From Comment Magazine

A researcher at Microsoft has said we live in a state of "continuous partial attention" in today's culture. We are a distracted people, living in what Baylor professor Alan Jacobs calls an ecosystem of interruption technologies. Here Dr. Jacobs offers "small steps to meet the challenge of hearing God in a technologically disruptive environment..."

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The Challenge of Cultural Engagement

By Christian Union: The Magazine
From Christian Union: The Magazine

Dr. John Seel, a 'cultural renewal entrepreneur,' recently sat down with Christian Union: The Magazine for an interview about engaging culture...

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6 Marks of Healthy Sexuality

By Gary Thomas
From GaryThomas.com

What are the marks of a healthy sexual relationship? It’s not inappropriate to ask what is most pleasurable or most exciting for married couples, but meaningful lovemaking is so much more than creating greater sexual arousal and climaxes. That’s why it’s not a bad idea to also ask "What are the markers of a wholesome sexual experience that is accomplishing God’s relational intent?"...

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Please Help to Develop Christian Leaders

This year, Christian Union is providing more than 1,350 students at eight influential US schools with guidance to develop an in-depth understanding of God’s Word and a coherent, biblical worldview through Bible courses. Please consider how you can help develop emerging national leaders become mature Christians of wisdom, courage, and effectiveness. Your gift by June 30 will help invigorate Christian influence in the US in the next generation.

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Prayer Requests

As Christian Union's University ministries have wound down for the summer, there are still Christian Union faculty members working with students who have stayed in their respective college towns for the summer. Please pray that God would make those times rich and fruitful.

The New York City Christian Union ministry is gearing up to welcome college graduates moving to New York who want to connect with like-minded believers. Pray that God would facilitate those meetings and that believers moving to the city would find meaningful communities.

Finally, please pray for Christian Union as a whole, as it is finalizing the budget for the next fiscal year (every gift helps before June 30) and working hard to interview and hire candidates for a number of key positions across the ministry.

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