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January 3, 2017

A Student's Perspective


Kylen Soriano, Class of 2018, is one of the students involved with Christian Union's ministry at Brown. The biology major hails from Los Angeles, California. His campus activities include: Christian Union (2015-16 Co-President); Club Basketball; Undergraduate Research in Regenerative Medicine (Biotechnology); and First-Year Advising. 

"Because I am attending Brown, my faith has grown more in the last two years than during the rest of my life as a believer. I grew up in the church, went to youth group and led worship. I lived in a Christian bubble and didn't really know what kids my age actually did. Brown couldn't have been more of an eye-opener.

Two years later, I've had more faith conversations with people at parties, people in fraternities, people in the social justice community, people whom I couldn't imagine myself being with, than if I had stayed in my bubble.

I'm called to be a light in the places that I would have never dared to go because my heart hurts for lost souls. So I go to parties. I have more skeptic friends than I do believing friends. Jesus was never "holier than thou." He didn't hang out with just priests. He dined with thieves and prostitutes. His best friends were outcasts.

If my goal is to be like Christ, then it is my job to seek the broken and oppressed in my very own community, like Jesus did in His. My faith has grown, because I recognize that my college is also my mission field."

--Kylen Soriano, Class of 2018
Brown University