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February 2, 2017

A Student's Perspective

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Aimee Knaus, Class of 2017, is involved with Christian Union's ministry at the University of Pennsylvania. The international studies and business management major feels she has two hometowns: Lynchburg, Virginia, and Amman, Jordan. Her campus activities include: Christian Union at Penn; the Penn Arab Student Society; and the Undergraduate Assembly.

"I grew up in an American family in Jordan and the Togolese Republic. I've found God is using my international upbringing to aid refugees in very tangible ways. I've taught English as a second language since high school in Jordan when I began volunteering to aid Palestinian, Iraqi, and Syrian refugees.

aimee-knaus-penn2I realized God brought me to Penn for a reason when I recently served as a resettlement intern for the Nationalities Service Center, which assists immigrants and evacuees in the Greater Philadelphia area. My fluency in Arabic was a great help. I was able to help set up homes, accompany families to appointments, and interpret
for case managers. Despite the bureaucratic obstacles, I saw families with patience, optimism, and hope. They see this as a new opportunity and are excited. It changed my perspective.

Christianity points to concrete service on behalf of widows, orphans, and the disadvantaged, and I've seen the plight of people in refugee camps up close. When you play with kids there you experience their humanity. My long-term goal is to make a difference in humanitarian issues, helping people, especially with practical needs,
so they can see God's love through me."

--Aimee Knaus, Class of 2017
University of Pennsylvania