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June 3, 2020

Our New Alumni

During the past several weeks CU New York has partnered with Christian Union’s recently hired Vice President of Alumni Engagement Christine Foster, to coordinate meetings with our ministry fellows and graduating seniors. CU New York reaches out to CU’s seniors annually in an effort to facilitate connections within professional networks and to build the Christian Union community in cities across the nation.

Initially, these connections were to be made in person on each of the campuses in which CU is currently present, but under the circumstances of COVID-19, these meetings have migrated to Zoom. Using a virtual webinar platform has actually provided a unique opportunity for an even greater involvement of our CU alumni, as they were able to dial in from across the country. On each call, CU alumni shared testimonies and practical advice to these graduating seniors on how to navigate the challenging transition from college to the workplace.

Call with CU Martus (UPenn)

After the alum shared, Christine outlined a variety of ways for seniors to continue their involvement as alum through alumni boards, mentoring programs, reunion gatherings, and financial support (as CU Partners or through the Alumni Giving Challenge held each year in May).

CU New York’s Director Scott Crosby then shared from his years of ministry experience working with young professionals, identifying three key steps seniors should take to safeguard their walks with the Lord in the often rocky transition from college to the workplace. Scott stressed the importance of building a new spiritual community (that includes a local church), meeting with a mentor, and understanding the connection between their work and faith. 

We ask that you join us as we pray for our seniors as they prepare for their next steps, especially in a season of such uncertainty. We are grateful for the contributions each of these students has made to the ministry and we look forward to seeing how the Lord uses them as they continue to grow in their vocations and walks with Him.

Get Involved
Contact alumni engagement to learn more and get involved in alumni activities. To learn more and get involved with CU New York please email: please send us an email at: cunewyork@christianunion.org.

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