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June 20, 2020
Shai Linne on the Gospel and Ethnic Unity; Happy are Those Who Mourn; The Voice in the Water; The Virtue and Necessity of Mentorship; Meditate on the Word of the Lord Day and Night and more, in this issue of Christian Union's bi-monthly email brief.
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"Blessed is the man who walks not in the counsel of the wicked, nor stands in the way of sinners, nor sits in the seat of scoffers; but his delight is in the law of the Lord, and on his law he meditates day and night."
— Psalm 1:1-2


Shai Linne on the Gospel and Ethnic Unity

By Shai Linne
From The Gospel Coalition
01 shai linneAs our nation continues to grapple with the sin of racism and its ongoing effects, Shai Linne calls Christians to remain faithful to God's Word. Originally shared at the Gospel Coalition's 2019 conference, Linne discusses the Gospel, race and how the Church must stay grounded in scripure as we pursue Christian and ethnic unity.

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Happy are Those Who Mourn

By Dr. Derwin Gray
From LifeWay Voices
"Over the years of sitting at Jesus’ feet, I’ve found that the more time I spend with Him, the more I am connected to His heart. And somehow, in a way that only He understands, I am a better person because my love for people and their plight increases."

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The Voice in the Water

By Francine Barchett
From Christian Union
03 non essential workA Cornell student experienced a radical life change after the Lord spoke to her through a dream. “I’ve seen such a drastic change in my heart, mind, and life before Christ and after Christ,” said Gonzalez, who had the dream in high school. “I’m now super eager to talk about what God has done and to use everything, including my assignments, to do that.”

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The Virtue and Necessity of Mentorship

By Kathryn Watson
From Christianity Today
Christian Union believes in the power of mentoring — especially Christian mentoring. It is something every person needs in different seasons of their life, but the college years provide a uniquely rich opportunity to shape young individuals. Christianity Today explores the lifelong impact a mentor's words and guidance can have.

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Meditate on the Word of the Lord Day and Night

By John Piper
From Desiring God

05 bibleJohn Piper exhorts believers to make the Word of God their meditation and delight as he preaches from Psalm 1.

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Prayer Requests

Please pray for wisdom and discernment as many schools are making decisions this month on what they will do for the fall term given the uncertainties of COVID-19. Please also continue to pray for spiritual renewal and strength for our students and our ministry faculty so that they can be beacons of hope in their homes and communities.

Please join us to pray for our city during these coming weeks. New York is beginning to come out of quarantine and continuing to wrestle with the issues of long-standing racial injustice. We need wisdom, courage, and the grace of God to be people who speak and work redemptively in these times.


Pray for Christian revival-- a mighty work of the Spirit of God-- in our nation. Please join our Prayer Team in praying for revival, if you haven’t already. You can join thousands of American Christians who are persistently praying for an awakening to Christ to sweep across our land. You can sign up here.

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