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October 12, 2020

Christian Union Gloria (Harvard College)

Christian Union Ministry Fellow, Fady Ghobrial, encourages and equips Harvard students as they seek for practical ways to improve their prayer lives.

Most Christians would admit that their prayer life could be better. Many have good intentions but don’t know how to use their time with God. Many want to increase the time they spend with God but are not sure how to fill that time. Fady leads Doxa on a very practical talk on how to spend time with Jesus. He talks about different and creative ways to read the Bible and pray. Listen to this recording to get equipped to take your daily time with God to the next level.

About the Speaker
fady ghobrialFady Ghobrial was born and raised in Cairo, Egypt. His family moved to the Boston area in 2002. He earned his Bachelor’s in Urban Studies from Worcester State University. After a radical encounter with Jesus during college, he quickly sensed a call to ministry and began to serve at his local church. He holds a Master of Divinity from Gordon-Conwell Theological Seminary and is ordained with the Southern Baptist Convention. Fady attends and serves at the Arabic Baptist Church of Boston, where his whole family came to faith, and where he teaches the youth and leads worship. When not reading books, Fady enjoys cooking with his wife Renée, watching superhero movies, and discussing theology over black coffee.
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