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December 15, 2020

Christian Union New York

Due to technical issues, the recording begins a couple minutes into the conversation.

Our highly honored guest on December 15, 2020 was Olga Statz, General Counsel of the NYC OATH office. It is her responsibility to hold judges and lawyers accountable to the law. We looked closely at what the Bible has to tell us concerning the power of the tongue and also examined the work of the late Supreme Court Justices Antonin Scalia and Ruth Bader Ginsburg. Though diametrically opposed in ideology and legal perspective, they remained steadfast friends over decades. As they strongly critiqued each other’s ideas, they showed the world how to use language forthrightly, responsibly and effectively.

Many in our Christian Union audience were quite encouraged and stretched by Olga’s wisdom and challenge. It looks like other significant speaking engagements are opening up to Olga as a result of her excellence in delivering this timely word to our Christian Union audience. In alignment with our mission to develop and connect Christian leaders to transform culture, we are delighted to propel Olga's wisdom to others as she is the epitome of a Christian leader in her high position in NY. 
Scripture has a great deal to say about the tongue, and not much of it is pleasant. We are told first that none other than death and life are in its power. We are then informed, should we not have been sufficiently intimidated, that the tongue, this possessor of the power of life and death, is, by nature, also “a flame of fire…set on fire by hell itself.”

For attorneys, and for those in many other communication-oriented professions, words are the tools of the trade and what we deal in daily, relentlessly, continually. Olga contemplated with us how we can handle in an effective and God-honoring way what seems so like nitroglycerine.

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