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March 11, 2021

The Importance of Developing Young Christian Leaders 

As this article from the Gospel Coalition argues, Christian college students typically arrive on campus with a flimsy understanding of their faith. Though it is easy to think that growing up in the church with parents who are believers and participating in a youth ministry is enough to form young adults into Christians with a basic understanding of scripture and doctrine, as Randall Greenwald argues, it usually is not. 

College presents not only the freedom and opportunity to not attend church or associate with Christians, but it also challenges young believers with courses that are often taught with a critical perspective on Christianity and peers who suspect traditional faith backgrounds of being judgmental or even hateful. College students must be mentored, receive Biblical and theological instruction, and surrounded by peers with whom they can work through growing pains in their faith. It is an enormous loss to send young believers to college without the support they need to grow a more robust faith in Jesus.

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That’s where Christian Union comes in. The need to develop Christian leaders on college campuses who have the conviction and knowledge to articulate and defend their beliefs as well as hearts that desire to seek the Lord is of utmost importance. Christian Union believes in the power of high-caliber Biblical study and one-on-one discipleship to take these young believers and transform them into mature Christians who are ready and equipped to lead their peers on campus and one day transform our culture for the Lord. 

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