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March 19, 2021

Cultural Changes Are Reshaping the Landscape 

Religious freedom is an expectation and reality in our country, but with radical legislative changes and a major shift in the cultural understanding of identity, religious freedom may be evaporating before our eyes. In this article from Gospel Coalition Australia, Akos Balogh examines the cultural changes that are quickly reshaping the freedom of the church in the west. 

june 18 supreme court

Balogh points first to the rapidly changing identity politics. Where identity used to be formed by external markers like family, work, and church, the culture is shifting to define identity by how we feel internally. This change radically alters the ethics surrounding gender as well as how we conceive of oppression. Because we are so guided by how we feel internally, Christianity is not only threatening, it is hateful because it calls some internal desires wrong. 

Christian Union is committed to teaching Biblical doctrine in some of the most liberal and influential institutions in our nation, preparing a generation of believers to be able to articulate their beliefs winsomely and with conviction. Without intensive study, teaching, and discipleship, students struggle to work through hard teachings in scripture and can easily adopt the more popular beliefs of their peers. This work is challenging but critical. Christian Union aims to develop young leaders into mature Christ-followers who will stand firm in their faith and transform our culture. 

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