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Carrie Sheffield, a Harvard alumna and a member of Christian Union America, is releasing a memoir...
March 25, 2021

Determining the Value of Every Life  

“For decades, now our culture has been asking a question: what, or who, determines the value of human life?” This short video from The Village Church explores the topic of abortion, how our culture conceives of human life, how political preferences shape it, and, ultimately, what God says about it.

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Every human is made in the image of God, imbued with infinite worth in His eyes, and made to know, worship, and bring Him glory. For Christians, this basic principle must be the guiding light when it comes to the topic of abortion. God values every human life, even the unborn. But so often, the topic of abortion becomes tangled in politics, muddying the Biblical perspective on the profound worth of each human life. 

Though our worldview is shaped by our upbringing, our parents, even the town we grew up in, many of our foundational beliefs and values are solidified in college and young adulthood. In the midst of the intensely secular landscapes at our nation’s most recognizable universities and influential cultural spheres, Christian Union aims to provide a faithful biblical witness to the value of human life. From Bible courses that dive deep into Scripture to one-on-one mentoring and counseling to supportive and faithful communities on campus and in major cities, Chrisitan Union is actively shaping the worldview of the next generation with hopes that more and more people will see the beauty of Christ and the gospel. 

Watch the video now.