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Carrie Sheffield, a Harvard alumna and a member of Christian Union America, is releasing a memoir...
April 22, 2021

Albert Mohler Discusses Morality and the Implications of a Biblical Worldview

Albert Mohler’s most recent book, The Gathering Storm, delves into the secularization of America over the past century and the implications unfolding for the church today. Though American evangelicalism is used to having a role of cultural influence in our nation, that influence is rapidly declining and being sidelined. Where the church once held the position of establishing morality for our country and much of the world, secularism has slowly antiquated theism as a whole. In order for a new moral system to be put in place, the old system must be dismantled. 

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This dismantling is happening before our eyes as the church has become labeled as antiquated, patriarchal, oppressive, and destructive. Issues of marriage and LGBTQ rights are front in center of this changing moral system, making the biblical worldview appear offensive, outdated, and even hostile. And the consequences of holding a biblical worldview are becoming more and more severe, Mohler argues. The new system of morality that positively affirms the individual and their needs at all costs bears the threat of cancelation—anyone who dissents will lose their public voice and respect of their peers. 

The rapidly changing cultural landscape is exactly why the ministry of Christian Union matters. Christian Union aims to reach the most influential college campuses and cities in our country with the gospel, equipping young people with the word of God, leadership abilities, and a desire to seek the Lord and His ways over what society tells us is important. 

Listen to the full podcast here.